Dance Term #1

We all love Christian from Project Runway for so many reasons; the sassy attitude, incredible talent, crazy hair, and most of all, his phraseology, “Fierce! Hot Tranny Mess!”

‘Tyra ain’t got $hit on me! Work!”

Is that a word? It would be in Christian land. Or he’d call it a hot tranny english language mess.

Christian is using a huge slew of frenchie terms lately, ‘j’adore!’ is one.Doesn’t he just make Paris Hilton’s use of ‘hot’ sound so uncultured? I j’adore that!

As I’ve mentioned, I’m moving to New York, two days. Preparing to do this forced me to got through my closet and seriously downsize, not that it didn’t need it. I went through a phase when I thought my clothes were supposed to be more on the humorous than the fashionable side. seriously, I had a teal flowered sweatshirt that said ‘grandma’ on it. And I wore it. In college. Yikes.

I gave away about sixteen pairs of shoes, ranging from nice ones I just had no use for, to some truly horrible sequin-covered flats. Getting rid of these horrible reminders of previous attempts at a quirky fashion sense allowed me the perfect opportunity to employ my use of fun french terms in everyday language.

Repeat after me: Jete! (pronounced je-tay)

Ballet translation: to throw, a jump from one foot to the other using a throwing movement of the leg. This term is often used in conjunction with other dance terms (jete battu, jete ferme, grand jete- these added terms describe how the thrown steps is to be done. In these three examples thrown step with beats, thrown step finishing closed, large thrown step)

Have stuff you don’t want anymore? Old shoes, bad leftover in the fridge? Now you know what to do and the fancy french word to accompany it. Throw it out, or better yet:  Jete!

the moonboot slipper look is so in this season…in the trash that is

One thought on “Dance Term #1

  1. My sister just gave me some slippers that remind me of those moonboot slippers they are in the shape of Dutch wooden shoes. Unfortunately if I wear them in AZ my feet will fondu.

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