It’s tuesday,and I’m feeling gleeful

I love the T.V. show ‘Glee’ and I do not apologize for it.

I also love Harry Potter, Top Chef, Flavor of Love,  and musicals like ‘Cats’ so I don’t feel like this is the most embarrassing of my obsessions.

I’m reporting to you live from New York- I made it in one piece!- and am still planning on watching it, even on my first night in the big city.I’m still reeling a little from the Madonna episode from last week that had nothing to do with anything and seemed out of place in terms of plot development. Even is I did like the dancers on stilts.

And so I come to tonight’s topic- the ‘dancer’ guy on Glee, commonly known as ‘other asian’ (I don’t think they ever announced his name). He’s the lanky cute guy that is featured for a few seconds doing some pop and locking, some basic breaking, and maybe a pencil turn. Why has he had no lines?

Here he is mid-dance off.

m! dancing speaks for itself! I don't need lines or a character name1

I think a lot of dancers face (and yes, some perpetuate) the stereotype that dancers are stupid, shallow, inarticulate- basically talented strong people with no brains or original thought. Sort of like Brittany from Glee. But most dancers are actually as driven towards learning as they are towards their technique and focus on search of good things in the world such as literature, other art, and having meaningful conversations, at least this has been my findings. I can’t prove it statistically.

It bothers me that the ‘dancer’ character doesn’t have a chance to develope a speaking, 3 dimensional character. Dancers aren’t dumb!

P.S. Just for fun, I threw some silly grammatical errors into this post.

5 thoughts on “It’s tuesday,and I’m feeling gleeful

  1. That was wicked of you!

    I agree about Other Asian. I think he has potential. At least they let him sing (unless he is only allowed to lip sync). I respect his character more than Brittany though…she has some unbelievably dumb lines. It is too much some times.

    I’m wondering, how do the other Glee cast members’ dancing skills add up to Other Asian’s? Do you think OA is the best dancer, or just the guy they throw in when they want a gettinjiggywitit shot? Do tell…

  2. Actually, I think the other featured dancer in Glee whose name I also cannot recall, is better. I think he is more energetic in his movement which is also more interesting. Other asian does things I have seen all-too many times. I just find him charming.
    Most of the other cast members haven’t flexed much dancing muscle. I think Mr. Shuester was a surprisingly good mover, esp. in the thong-song/my fair lady mash-up number. I am more impressed with Brittany than santana, who relies on skankeography. Hair toss body roll does not do much for me. I adored Puck in the accafellas, and even his air-punching is heart-warming. I would like to see more dancing from him, I think there is a secret mover-and-shaker in there. Obviously Artie is useless.

  3. Whatever. Artie can SPIN! They had that whole Rollin’ on the River song just for him. Wheelchair choreo is the hip thing (pun intended) nowadays.

    I want you to write more about skankeography. And it would be interesting if you compared/contrasted it to the hairography episode. Also, I have no idea what you’re talking about with that “other featured dancer.” WHO? It’s just Other Asian for me. No one else but him.

  4. I guess if my TV recieved even one channel I wouldn’t be so bitter about not knowing what Glee is, and I could possibly develope` a liking for it…maybe, but it seems like a real gag instigator.

  5. While I was reading the end of this post, I thought that you wrote ‘developpe a character…” I think this should be a re-write 🙂

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