The oscars for dancers

Joan Rivers would host it, but she’s got a date with a botox needle. So you’re stuck with me.

This past monday, I headed over to the Chelsea Pier to cover the International Center of Photography’s 26th Infinity Awards. It was a mix between a celebratory dinner/ fundraiser (non-invitees had to pay roughly 700 bucks for  a ticket)

Some of the artists were truly amazing, especially Peter Magubane- a South African who documented many political events for which he was interrogated, jailed, beaten and hospitalized, and banned from jobs. He told one fascinating story about how he once hid his camera in a loaf of bread to shoot in secret.

Here’s my point: yay for photography. Where are the dance awards?

Yes, there are dance competitions on t.v. Yes, there are olympic-like competitions like the International Ballet Competition and the Youth Grand Prix. But the dancers have to register, travel and perform there. No one asks George Clooney to deliver a  monologue at the oscars to get his trophy. The past work speaks for itself.

The National Dance Awards are a great tradition existing in the U.K. A tradition that, in the unbelievably long history of dance, has occurred for ten years. I find this odd when dance has existed since the dawn of time (I bet the dinosaurs busted out a jog every once in a while) when the event that I covered relies on the camera, a newer technology, and this award ceremony is now in it’s 26th year!

So here’s what I’m thinking:  We need an oscars for dancers- something that will rely on nominations from a panel of experts (or my friends that know dance that I will bug) and votes from the public to drum up more interest in the wonderful art of dance, and how dance is combined in multi-media ways (dance= photography, fashion, sculpture, etc)

In the next few days, I will come up with the categories for nomination, including links to works.

Step two will be getting my judges to vote on nominees.

Step three, once these potential winners are posted, will be voting. Winners will be announced June 29th, the day before my birthday (but I won’t say how old. I’m Forever 21!)  Consider it your b-day present to me to vote on your choices for the winners, unless you are my parents, and then I still expect a pony.

Check back for postings, or join the facebook group ‘Make me a super-blogger’ to receive updates on nominees and all other wonderful workings of ‘bodies never lie’ (or mediocre, depending on how much sleep I’ve had the night before. Is it obvious that I was out so late that I couldn’t get a train back to Brooklyn last night? God bless Kevin and Kim and their Manhattan floor)

5 thoughts on “The oscars for dancers

  1. dinosaurs jigging? is that the same as square dancing?

    I believe there was that list of best African American dancers…and Usher won. So, that is probably why America can’t successfully have a dance oscars.

    I nominate my dad for stupidest face while ‘dancing.’

    I nominate my dog Mifa for best “humping and grinding” dancer.

    As for me, I nominate Karina Gonzalez of Tulsa Ballet for Best Female Ballerina under the age of 25.

    I nominate myself for most likely to fail at Christian Vincent’s jazz class and choreography.

    I nominate Jessica Ruhlin for most devoted to spreading the art of dance (and for sexiest moves in da club).

  2. You can consider it a ‘no-regrets policy’ in leaving comments-

    Is your Dad’s face possibly as bad as the ‘air-bite’ seen on the face of that short Dance Kaleidoscope girl? (great dancer, terrible terrible expression)

    You inspired me with your wasted talent- I think there will be a ‘should be a dancer’ category. I am nominating Serena Williams and Giselle Buncheeon or however you spell her name

  3. Isn’t it Bundchen? All I know is that your spelling is WRONG.

    p.s. Can we post requests? I want you to write more about GLEE! I think Wednesday’s post should be dedicated to dissecting everything Glee. What say you? I want to know what you thought about the school for the deaf’s performance of Imagine. Do you think sign-singing is in any way related to dance? If so, how? I want a meaty analysis! I want to know your reaction(s). Have you noticed that hand-dancing is big in Glee? (Madonna vogue and sign-singing…) I want to hear the beans about this. And yes, I know that the sign-singing was from forever ago. HULU IT!

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