New York -The Island of Misfit Toys

I was just on the phone with  my best friend Katie, and we were discussing the subway ‘artists’ (scam-artists/ candy sellers/ beggars/ drummers/ occasionally good musicians)

I have always thought it would be fun to have a choreography showcase here in New York using all live musicians that I find in the subway stations. I would call my company the Manhattan Island of Misfits (based off the Island of misfit toys from the claymation Rudolph).

the average crowd you’ll find near the JMZ trains

So I’m set for music. Now I need dancers. Even if this city is filled to the brim with actual talent, I want the undiscovered! In keeping with my ‘should be a dancer’ oscar category, I am now casting my


So far- I have soloist Olivia Wilde. Next in the ranks are my principal dancers and couple- Jamie Lee Curtis and Jake Gyllenhal. Why these two you ask? Well, I’m basing some dance talent buried deep in Ms. Curtis based on this photo

and from all of the running she had to do in ‘Halloween’. Clearly, she has endurance! And, insider tip on the dance world, a lot of times men (or more often women) land jobs because of a partnership with another dancer, and people are hired as a couple. That being said, Ms. Curtis happens to be Mr Jake’s godmother, so I’m getting two for the price of one. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch that? (Even if you, like I, do NOT want to watch him in ‘the Prince of Persia’).

Will work for the other half of my shirt


2 thoughts on “New York -The Island of Misfit Toys

  1. Tis’ the season to be jorry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!

    You are bad. (Though I absolutely appreciate the “lip hair” comment.) I think you should hijack street/subway musicians’ music a la Glee (ever notice how they regularly abuse the band kids’ talents only to steal their drumsticks during a solo to show them up, b/c Glee kids are multifaceted? They shiiiiinnnnneee!) Anyway, next time you see some girl rocking a guitar near the L, run up to her and start frappe-ing around her to take the attention away from her. If people toss coins, then they are fair game. You are a dancer and are flexible and quick, and you also won’t be holding a cumbersome instrument…so you can scoop the profits and dance off to your next art victim. PERFECT IDEA!

    Also, I like your idea, but it is less sneaky and lacks the element of danger that my suggestion possesses. Also, in a way, through my idea you would be adding to the art of the great carpe diem poets whose names I don’t care to remember. You see, I live in the moment. Anyway, carpe diem is horribly garbled with Rosebud connotations for me, so your new dance movement could really rejuvenate carpe diem art’s image. DO IT, then put it on YouTube.

    p.s. I love cheesy girl singer-songwriter music. Who are you? Have we met? *cough cough* Kate Earl…

  2. Haha love it, Jess!! I think the idea of using subway musicians would be really cool/interesting! And I almost cried laughing about your roommate!

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