Nicole Scherzinger and Strippers- the burnt toast of the dance world

Unfortunately, there weren’t any horrible runway attempts int he latest ‘Housewives of NY’ to make fun of, and luckily, there weren’t any trainwreck ballet-club scenes in the most recent ‘Glee’, so I am left with no choice but to talk about…more Dancing with the Stars.

Actually, first off, here’s a good dance source to watch videos and get dance news online:

They have separate categories of dance videos and news on the homepage as well as a blog (not as fun as mine, but possibly more informative).

On to the land of T.V- I couldn’t really stomach more than the first five minutes of the results show of dancing, and my computer wasn’t wanting to load much more of the video anyways. All that I really saw was the ‘which couple is in the bottom two’ between News Anchor Erin Andrews and Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger.  the night before, Scherzinger was pronounced by one judge to be ‘the best contestant dancing had ever had’ (um, she sort-of makes her living off of wearing slutty costumes and over-synthesized vocal antics with dancing…of one sort or another. I’ll touch on THAT in a second.) Andrews on the other hand, was praised for what was called her ‘best performance yet’. After those little declarations, my guess was that the vote went in Andrews’ favor. I assumed that the general public cared less about which was supposedly the better dancer, but instead wanted to see someone rise to their own personal best. I was wrong! I can’t say I’m sad, I would of course always rather have the better dancer get the vote. Since it’s mostly women voting, I had thought pettiness in wanting to take the  one who actually dances in her career (not to mention inspires a little feminine rage over how she objectifies women- I don’t care what the lyrics are, she dances like a ho-bag) off of her high-horse would rule

she works hard for the money! so you’d for her on dancing with the stars

but now I’m wondering if women are more upset when someone who I’m assuming must be at least sort of intelligent proves to be a double-threat with brains and beauty! I think most women are really in constant competition with each other (even the ones on t.v.) and I guess it’s easier to like the ones you can categorize as pretty but dumb (Nicole) or smart but awkward. I bet if Andrews had thrown out a carefully palced but bashful trip, she might have appealed more to her estrogen-driven fan base.

I like to kick, stretch, and kick!

What I wanted to say about types of dancing, inspired by our dear pussycat doll- I recently joined a mailing group for dancer jobs and the last one received included: 2 terrible teaching posts in Virginia and for a kindergarten class in Westchester, and a huge assortment of stripping and bachelor/ette parties. Strippers need to go back to saying they are strippers, not dancers. Theirs is the art of seduction (or stealing $1 dollar bills with their butt cheeks) not dancing. If I burn toast, I am not going to call myself a pyrotechnician. Or a chef. I’ll call myself what I really am- not picky. I would still eat it.

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