eat like a girl- dance slang

I get that this blog is not exactly life changing for anyone. I was really peeved, however when these awards went out to meaningful blogs, and one was titled ‘Eat like a girl’. What did I assume they were about? eating disorders, negative body image, one of those topics that affects 80 % OR MORE of women today.What was it about? slow roasted pork belly.

Come on, another food blog!? How is that meaningful? Paula dean could tell you that! And I bet she does, but I’m not sure since hers is one of the few shows on the food network that I don’t like.

I have to admit that I am a huge hypocrite. I was really sick today and I spent the majority of it lying down watching ‘Iron Chef’ reruns on youtube. I could say that I love watching the art of cooking and learning all the names of methods and fancy ingrediants, but honestly, if I had a million dollars I would hire a personal chef because I hate cooking. I’m terrible at it.  I watch it because I pretend to vicariously eat through those lucky judges.  I like thinking about which chef would I pick if one were catering an event for me, and which secret ingredient I would pick as the focus for the battle if I had the say-so. I don’t really care for spicy food or corn so Flay is out, I don’t like green or katamala olives or ouzo so Cat Cora is out, I don’t like cold slimy sea creatures so the Japanese styling of Morimoto is out- it would come down to Batali or Simon and my ingredient would be one of my 5 major food groups:

puff pastry, peanut butter, chocolate, cheese, or fry batter.

Why are these the 5 major food groups? because you can take any food and if you smother it in one ofthese substances, it would be delicious. I think my dream battle would be Batali versus the Ratatouille cartoon Rat in Battle fondu!

And we come to the dance word of the day- fondu= melt

(pronounced fawn-doo)- this is a particularly painful exercise done first at the barre then in the center. It builds strength and flexibility, while working on coordination. Basically, you stand on one leg, then bend both legs (hence the ‘melt’) then straighten the supporting leg as the working leg lifts into a variety of positions.

This dance term post is coming out late in the day because I felt too sick to walk a few blocks to the store to get food to make me feel better and I currently don’t have anything in my apartment. Why? because I’m afraid of eating, as much as I adore watching it on t.v.  I have spent so much of my life focusing on my body, my size, that it’s hard to break out of negatives self-talk and fear of eating, and calories, and gaining weight even when I am clearly dehydrated and sick. I have to keep reminding myself that health is a priority, and the obsession with body is a slippery slope. One day I’m just sick and don’t eat because I don’t feel well, and then next second I feel a rush of power over choosing not to eat, or feeling bad about myself if I do, and then forced to skip my insulin to erase my ‘mistake’ of eating. I’m tired of only enjoying food through television and in that sense, I will praise the food bloggers out there.  I hope I can get to a point where I see food as a more positive thing, and not as proof that I don’t have control over my life. So I’m not trying to eat like a ‘girl’ or a ‘dancer’, and I hope that everyone reading this takes a second to think about their own individual needs and addresses them.  The famous oracle at Delphi was known for two famous sayings, “Know Thyself” and “everything in moderation”. For me, knowing my own weaknesses and weird ways of adapting to stress makes it easier to keep everything in my life in moderation- some healthy fondu’s in dance class which are necessary for my technique as well as knowing how best to take care of my nutritional needs (which may or may not include an over-flowing chocolate dipping fondu pot). If I ‘know myself’ as the oracle suggests, I have to be careful about my attitude towards food and my body and focus more on what I need to do to make the good things in my life and my goals consistent and attainable. It’s not going to hurt me to watch iron chef, but if I’m doing that rather than take care of myself, that’s a red flag. I’m promising myself to be on the watch this week. I hope everyone thinks about these two things, ‘Know Thyself’ and “everything in Moderation’- know what you like and what you want to do with youself, make it happen, and enjoy life!

(sorry this was a cheesy post- it was about fondu after all!)

3 thoughts on “eat like a girl- dance slang

  1. Haven’t read more than 2 of your posts and wondering what supports you in this new place? Reading more of your posts is honestly hard for me, although well written and easy to follow, but I remember you Jess and have you in my thoughts. Crazy life, sister. Such is all.
    Maybe considering how the dance culture is similar to a treatment facility would be an interesting read. If you think those two are at all comparable. Or different.
    Good luck Jess, you have talent.

  2. When I get up there, I am going to force you to cook! And you will learn to love it.

    p.s. I agree about Paula Deen…Dean…? Too much butter (not in theory, but in practice).

  3. I think that Katie is on to something here. Learning to love cooking could be the key to appreciating food and eating healthy balanced meals. On the days when I don’t feel like cooking the only food groups I recognize are cheese, ice cream, cresent rolls, pizza and qdoba. But on the days when I feel like cooking I chop fresh vegetables and create an amazing veggie stir fry, eggplant parmesean or mushroom risotto.

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