ANTI-contact..the Musical!

As they say in the musical, ‘Kiss me Kate’:  It’s too Darn Hot!!!

I am very inspired by musicals recently because I have a few auditions coming up! When I say inspired, I mean watching youtube clips while sweating buckets laying in my un-air conditioned, fanless 6th floor room/sauna.  There are a couple of roles that I would love to dance someday, namely the white cat ‘Victoria’ in cats, Louise in ‘Carousel’, and the girl in the yellow dress in ‘Contact’.

Contact is a ‘dance musical’ created by Susan Stroman- the basic concept inspired by the idea of New Yorkers, and how         little contact we have with our neighbors.

I guess Ms. Stroman never rides the subway or walks around Lexington avenue, because I have had my FILL of sweaty shoulder bumps on the crosswalks and icky hairy tourist legs touchng mine as people sit too close on the trains. Here’s my New York musical inspiration:


the story will feature the girl in the white t-shirt (that gradually, through the course of the performance, becomes more and more saturated with sweat and turns yellow)

She will, like plenty of young New Yorkers, go out to a popular club (on a weekday)

Let's Get Physical, Physical!

However, no amount of deodorant or short cold showers will save her, and she will frighten everyone away in the replacement number for ‘simply irrestible’- STINKY AND DISMISSABLE.

I can smell the Tonys now…or maybe it’s just my body odor.

Here’s the Real Version- Enjoy and Be Cool, my friends- real cool (Ok, I need to stop with the musicals)

2 thoughts on “ANTI-contact..the Musical!

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