Audition Results

My audition for Saint Louis Dance Theater was yesterday and I think I did reasonably well. This is a new jazz- based company led by Artistic Director Paula Davis and employing Cecil Slaughter who has his own company, The Slaughter Project, here in St. Louis. Two company members were there to demonstrate and help teach rep, and they were amazing! I know they are bringing in choreographer Ron de Jesus this season so they may be brand new, but they already seem to have a good community of quality artists.

I had no idea what to expect from the audition- it listed needing ‘supportive shoes’ and a ballet class followed by rep. It consisted of a full ballet class and four sections of rep. You never know who to expect as your competition in an audition- especially for a new company, and in St. Louis- which isn’t exactly the mecca of professional dance talent- some truly terrible people make it through the Muny auditions. Ill be honest- there was a wide range of talent that showed up at this one- meaning people who were very good to people with not much talent or training or dress-code knowledge whatsoever. Who wears black tights INSIDEĀ  a leotard?

There weren’t any cuts, which was kind of frustrating since it was a little crowded- even with only 30 auditioners. Maybe I’m being a snob but there is, to me, no better training in spacial awareness than classic corp de ballet (Swan Lake, Giselle, La Bayadere) and a lot of these people either did not have that background or were just stupid.

I was number 23. Almost my age, and almost the opposite of 42- the theme for a post a weeks or so ago. I also, in my constant search for good omens, turned to the cards- meaning Katie’s old GRE vocab study flash cards. I have a giant stack of them on my desk and I randomly pulled one out of the stack- the word I drew was ‘dessicate’- to make dry or dull- I don’t know about the dull, but the first part was true enough. The studio was hotter than a ‘hot yoga’ room (I think that’s Hatha, but maybe it’s Bikrahm, I can’t remember) and I was totally dehydrated by the end. A cool shower has never felt so good.

I won’t hear the results for two or three weeks, but I’m really glad I went. It felt really great to learn new rep and to move again- I get some kind of kick out of pushing myself physically as hard as possible- except that I slept in until eleven today- so I guess I’m a selective work horse, and the rest of the time I’m a big lazy bum.

I have another audition for a ballet company in about two weeks, so I’ll actually have to break in my new pointe shoes a little better. I just got some Bloch Sonatas and I’m excited to have shoes that aren’t as narrow as the ones I wore before, so that I can actually wear some padding. I think St.L dance Theater has the typical company hierarchy- principal, soloist, corps, apprentice while Missouri Ballet Theater- my next audition- I think is more open. Hard to tell which is better. Based on my flights home- Southwest doesn’t have set seating- sometimes I think it’s better for people to know where they stand- or sit. Otherwise it’s a breeding ground for greed and self-entitlement, which I completely fall into. My favorite trick is to cough horribly whenever anyone eyes an open seat next to you. I saw one lady with one of those sars face masks and I think I may get one of those before my next flight. I prefer people looking at me like I’m something gross than sitting next to me, making small talk, and hogging my arm rest. Like I said, everything in it’s place- and that means me getting my lazy self out of bed at a timely hour and getting to the studio-consider it my version of the window seat.

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