I will watch ALMOST anything on TV

But I won’t watch ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ ..anymore.

Even though they got rid of the shrieking mess that was Mary Murphy (she may have sent many a contestant on the ‘Hot Tamale Train’ but her useless criticism and noise noise noise always put me on a veritable acid reflux train- as any Hot tamale, not just one served by MM would do. It was about time someone handed her the pink slip, lets hope it was doused in pepto bismal) I do not enjoy SYTYCD- not simply because it’s title is too long and stupid to type or say. I do not like it because I find most of the choreography shockingly similar in steps. They may try to give it a story here, or dedicate it to cancer or whatever there- but concepts aside, it’s the same crap over and over. And I hate it when choreographers let song lyrics dictate the story or emotion for the dancers. Boring.

I have to say one thing that has always bothered me about this show is…where are the gays? I mean, I KNOW there are some on the show probably every season. I do not mean to perpetuate the stereotype that all male dancers are gay- as it is not true- but come ON! Some of these men are gay and I hate how in the fake ‘behind the scenes’ interviews half the guys pretend to have crushes on their partners- their female partners. I will watch again once a single contestant, be it male or female, admits to being a homosexual. I would just like to see people represent who they actually are, and the fact that in six or seven or eight seasons (I’ve lost count) there has not been ONE homosexual dancer on the program is just not possible- someone’s hiding something. I like dance served with a side of truth, whether that be the message/emotion of the piece or how dancers are presented- screw the hot tamales.  That day will probably come once producers stop being afraid that having a homosexual on their program will reduce ratings, or maybe once SYTYCD gets picked up by another network, and dropped by Fox.

And one more thing- my beloved Target is apparently donating 150,000 dollars in anti-gay rights politics. Here’s a link- check it out- and also check out other discount one-stop-shopping sources.


dancing his heart right back into the closet, more like it

4 thoughts on “I will watch ALMOST anything on TV

  1. I’m pretty sure SYTYCD (sp?) is on its 6,793rd season.

    If a homosexual were on SYTYCD then all the Christians would stop and Jesus would stop loving all the dancers in the world, and then he’d have his daddy send a hurricane to destroy the SYTYCD empire. Thanks gays.

  2. There is no such thing as homosexuality. It doesn’t exist; it is just a stupid fictional idea made up by the same freaks who came up with things like evolution, genetics, tastebuds and Harry Potter. Fox knows that God’s perfect, intelligent design does not allow for uniqueness.

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