I would totally Eat That- Nom Nom Ballet

 Microsoft Word is no urban dictionary.

When writing my review of ‘Kingdom of the Shades’ from La Bayadere, I learned something very telling about our culture; Word does not recognize ‘Bayadere’ and suggested that I change it to ‘Boyardee’. I like that one of my favorite ballets is unknown while a gross canned pasta goo company  is famous enough to be recognized by the business edition of microsoft word- I like it about as much as I like marshmallows or crayfish. (Not that I’ve ever tried crayfish, but some things you can just look at and know they’ll taste like screw drivers- and I’m not talking about the beverage).

They say you eat with your eyes first- so why not turn the beautiful art from of ballet into a pasta shape, can it, and line the shelves of grocery stores with it- like so many corps de ballet dancers all in a row?

My sketch books are full of bad drawings and bad ideas- the chef Bayadere being a good example. They are also full of little caricatures and cartoons which  I find as amusing as the fake cast lists I like to write before shows -the tradition started at Butler University with the Nutcracker when my best friend Emily and I copied the idea from some upper classmen. I’m pretty sure I listed myself as ‘rat queen’ for three years in a row, hoping the idea would take (it never did). It’s a tradition I’ve continued in the hopes of inspiring a smile from my dear friends and maybe inspiring some real life casting….see, I’ve cast myself as the donkey in our upcoming production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream, even if my Director did not.

 This one includes drawings- I am obviously the Degas of my time.

2 thoughts on “I would totally Eat That- Nom Nom Ballet

  1. We just learned a little about Debussy and Impressionism (although I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave by me even using it to describe him) so I put a picture of Degas’s ballerinas on the slideshow 🙂 Feel free to paint some ballerinas for my next apt anytime!

  2. I wish I could zoom-in to see the drawings better, especially that last one. I’ve been thinking about turning my linked-in profile into a sort of fake cast list/resume. Perhaps if I list myself as a pharmacist, an academy award-winning screenwriter or the CEO of a bank then maybe the idea would take…

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