How to get choreography grants; eat soup

What I am really invested in right now is my ‘Type One Project’ that I sort of described in my post ‘Death Taxes and Plies’ . I have the soundtrack finished, the lighting and costume design complete, and most of the choreography done (I will obviously tweak with things when I am  more sure of the official cast).  I even had a theatre booked for this past March but I dropped it because I didn’t have time to rehearse as much with the few dancers I had selected, and hadn’t found as many good ones as I would have liked- part of the trouble of living in a smaller city as opposed to New York or Chicago, where there are good dancers around every corner. And I know mostly ballet dancers here in St. Louis, and my choreography for this piece is more contemporary and modern, so even some of the very beautiful and talented dancers in my current company aren’t right for this project.

So that’s just an example of a struggle I have as a new and independent choreographer trying to make something happen, money and budgeting and the inability to even apply for most grants with a non-profit status aside. However, stubbornness and ambition and what I hope is good intention comes to save the day, and I’m not giving up on this idea.  My goal right now is to make this performance happen near the date of the next St. Louis Walk for Diabetes which is in early October.

I just learned how to make videos on my computer- sorry for the camera angle in half of this one. I promise to do better next time. It’s all a learning curve, after all.

This is a little introduction of what I did today- I got there way too early and was bored- luckily I found my camera in my bag (hence the charming pictures from above and the making of this video) I met with an amazing group of people who care about bringing good creative ideas into the St Louis community at Black Bear Bakery on Chippewa St. to see if some funding might be possible for ‘the type one project’ in the future, and at the very least, to have some dinner with!

4 thoughts on “How to get choreography grants; eat soup

  1. Couldn’t you just have your dancers perform while they are participating in the Walk for Diabetes. Like a parade, you would just have to keep the choreography moving…

  2. If this walking/dancing idea came to you from Mr. Cholewa’s idea of the ‘parade of beauty’ on Russia Pride day- i will remind you that we did not partake- and good thing since I recall drunk Russians exposing themselves as our bus to Helsinki rumbled past

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