The Queen busts a move at the Royal Wedding

I love weddings. No, correction: I love wedding receptions. Give me cake and dancing and I’m happy.

princess diana's wedding

I don’t really understand the hub-bub over yesterday’s ceremony. Perhaps that is because the only Royal wedding I ever cared about is the musical film, ‘Royal Wedding’ starring Fred Astaire (if you’ve seen a clip of him dancing all over the walls and ceiling, then you’ve seen some of it too). When I was younger, my parents and brother and I used to spend weekends at a cabin in the woods of Innsbrook, Missouri where we had a TV but for whatever reason only had two videos; the first being an instructional ‘how to ride horses’, the second being Royal Wedding. My brother and I have probably seen that film over one hundred times- a fact which I’m fine with admitting but I bet would seriously embarrass my musical non-enthusiast twenty-six year old brother.

My college alma-matter is performing the ballet, ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ this weekend. It’s a pretty spectacular ballet, with great music by Tchaikovsky and orignal choreography by Petipa, a famous story line, and lots and lots of beautiful costumes (there’s a royal court, and fairies, and jewels, and princes, and tons of opportunities for sequins to be featured). It hold a special place in my heart because it was my first full-length ballet performance I was a goblin. I also performed ‘the Sleeping Beauty’ my junior year of high school at Interlochen Arts Academy- I was the ‘Fairy of the Woodland Glades- aka the ‘toe-hop fairy- , one of Aurora’s friends, and a jewel. I was supposed to be in it during my time at Butler as well, but that semester I was taking far too many English and writing classes to spend hours on end in rehearsal. My point is, it’s a pretty popular ballet. It’s also -if you don’t cut anything- about five hours long. I love ballet, but even I think that’s a bit much.

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The best part is really the wedding- the final act- when Prince Desire  (pronounced des-i-ray, or Philip, in the Disney version) and Aurora tie the knot. The music for their pas de deux is absolutely beautiful. I guess the wedding reception was seriously different in the balletic 1700’s (I’m guessing time frame for a fairy tale here) than the modern-day open-dance floor, open-bar, and DJ entertainment. In the ballet, ‘entertainment’ is brought in for the court’s delight in the form of several ‘variations’ or what is known as ‘divertissement’ -a.k.a. nice little additions of dancing that have NOTHING  to do with the story. The Sleeping Beauty wedding entertainment features a dancing male bluebird and princess, puss in boots and a white cat, little red riding hood and the wolf, and some dancing jewels.  So says Dance Dept. Head, Larry Attaway,

“We know everyone is so excited about Prince William and Kate Middleton,” Attaway said. “We think they’ll be equally thrilled when they join us for the wedding of Aurora and Désiré.” (click the link for the full article: )

I’d personally rather sit through an eight-hour ballet than watch the two people I care zilch about make a lasting promise to one another. Unless, of course, the master of ceremonies is the ‘impressive clergyman’ from ‘The Princess Bride’ or Ricky Gervais. I also do not care about the photos, or all the stupid hats everyone wore. The only way I would pick up a magazine with that kind of photo spread is if it featured Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, reprising their ‘Wedding Crashers’ roles, and hitting on Posh Spice and Kate Winslet.

Lauren Beasley McCart's wedding reception- the ladies of Missouri Ballet Theatre: Jenny, Ashley, Me, Lydia, Caitlin, Katie, Sarah, and Katie

I wonder how the royal couple celebrated at their own reception. I doubt that they had dancing cats or fairies, but I also doubt that the dance floor looks similar to the kind of stuff that takes place on the wedding’s that I, here in the states, attend. Do you think they still do the waltz? I really hope that the string quartet I’m guessing that they had at the reception managed to bust out a cover of ‘the cha-cha slide’. I love that song. More than rings and undying promises, music and dance unites all people. At least on the dance floor. And when they tell you the moves with the song lyrics.

Do you promise to slide to the right? I do. Slide to the left? I do.

Mer and Kevin's wedding- me and Kirsite taking full advantage of the empty dance floor. wow, it's a special special day for someone!

2 thoughts on “The Queen busts a move at the Royal Wedding

  1. Hi I would just like to clear some things up.

    Prince William & Kate are a breath of fresh air to our Royal Family, In their own private reception the senior royals were banned and there were 3 state rooms of st james palace converted into a nightclub with cocktails served all night and sandwiches and English Fry ups for ‘survivors’ that lasted all the way to 6am – as Prince Harry said.

    When have you ever seen a royal couple or member drive themself around in their own car with ‘just wed’ on the number plate and cans attached to the back of the car?

    When are any other royals known for partying hard? Only Prince William & Harry. I suggest you google more about them because you are obviously very unaware of The royal Family Today. After all Prince William married a ‘commoner’.

  2. Hi Annabelle- thank you so much for the info! You are absolutely correct, I did not research at all, this was merely a clearly out-of-date image of what I thought might take place at a Royal Wedding. Their version sounds muich better than the stuffy version I had in my head, though I can’t imagine how fry-up go well with excessive drinking and cocktail attire. I also think it’s strange that they banned the older people. That’s one of my favorite parts about the reception, is horrifying the old relatives of the wedding couple with my unabashed dance floor antics.

    I still say Fred Astaire trumps all, but we don’t have a royal family to pin so much adoration on to.

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