Mother’s Day Dancing

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!– Even the stage Moms

Where would we be without our Moms? Nowhere!

Where would we be without our step- moms? According to a lot of popular folklore, a lot better off! And short one tear-jerker Julia Roberts movie.

I can remember my Mom saying that according to Disney movies, the mothers are always either horrible or dead. She’s not far off. Cinderella- dead real mom, terrible stepmom. Pocahontas- dead. Aladdin- dead. Belle’s Mom- dead. Bambi- dead. Harry Potter- dead. I wonder what kind of mommy issues Disney or the Brother’s grimm are harboring? Even Sleeping Beauty’s Mom gets really lazy with the b-day invites and brings doom upon her poor daughter whom she then ships off to ‘boarding school’. Someone clearly wasn’t a party planner before turning queen.

There are a couple of fun, or tragic, or ridiculous Mom roles in the ballet world too. Here are a few good ones:

1. Giselle’s Mother in ‘Giselle’- Bertha- the ultimate in over-protective, the Mom who doesn’t want her daughter with a weak heart to dance at local celebrations but isn’t quite so good with dating advice, as poor Giselle dies from a broken heart when she realizes her boyfriend is actually a royal (roayl j@ckass!) and betrothed to someone else. Giselle can handle dancing up a storm but not a regular old breakup.Apparently, emotions trump basic exercise.  I’m sure all cardiologists agree. contemporary version- the Mom who won’t let her kid ride a bike without knee-pads, elbow-pads, and a helmut but can’t protect said kid from bullies at school.

2. MOther Ginger- in the Nutcracker- the ultimate soccer mom. This is the giantess lady in the kingdom of the sweets  with a bunch of clownish kids tucked up under her skirts, whom she allows to flip around the stage while she preens herself and acts like an idiot. (this role is actually quite frequently played by men, and in many famous companies such as Ballet Austin, given out to ‘local celebrities’). Modern day equivalent- someone with a mom-van and not enough birth-control.

3. The queen mother in Swan Lake- the Prince’s mom- She doesn’t really do much in the ballet except stroll about the village, host a ball, and push her son to get married- his princely duty. Someone wants grandkids. Or grandswans in this case. At least she doesn’t seem to care between white or black. She might be a baby monger, but at least she isn’t racist. Modern day equivalent : A progressive thinking stereotypical Jewish or Greek mother who just wants their kids to settle down and get married already!

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