Even Fairies send text messages

As Shakespeare wrote, ‘that is hot ice and wonderous strange snow’.

Hot ice and wonderous strange snow? more like icy hot and more solidified snow- in the form of ice.

Hooray, nothing left to do but perform! In two days, my season with Missouri Ballet Theatre is complete.

Merry and Tragical! Tedious and Brief!

I am looking forward to, terrified of, and very saddened by the idea that it’s coming to a close. So I am intensely documenting my last few working days with the cast and crew via my amazing camera skills.

In short, check back on Sunday for a review (from myself…but ‘mock review’ style- a slew of gorgeous and hilarious pictures, and possibly, if I finish editing it, a video of backstage fun)

Enjoy the weekend!

"Meet me in the woods in forty minutes.ttyl "

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