What really goes on behind the curtain

All good things come to an end.

Hopefully, annoying and negative things like massive foot pain and having to wear more makeup than your average drag queen or news broadcaster ends too. And in my case, it has. At least for this season.

The shows went really well, no falls or slips or costumes ripping to pieces- save that for the ballet version of ‘the Hulk’, should someone ever decide to choreograph that.  I am really proud of my company and grateful to the wonderful guest artists that we had from Nashville Ballet Company and from Washington University.

I am a pretty lucky lady to have been in a company of such talented people, and to have such funny, kind, positive people for company.

The only part of that sentence that is debatable is the ‘lady’ part. 

This video is bits of backstage fun. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “What really goes on behind the curtain

  1. When they said body double my mind went straight to Natalie Portman and Star Wars too! Next time you need to appear in the video more – perhaps dancing??? 🙂

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