Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven

Supposedly, the day of judgement is upon us. I’m not all that concerned.

I had a conversation with a couple of friends about the upcoming Apocalypse, and if I were to build myself a ‘Panic Room’ shelter somewhere, where would I put it? I said Borders. I personally could never be bored with eternity if I had all the time in the world to read and listen to music. PLus I wouldn’t have to deal with the terrible barista that constantly puts my coffee in the wrong size cup.

Another part of the question was ‘who are the five people you would want with you?’

I found that part really hard to answer- I guess I could leave it up to Mitch Albom and his silly ‘The five people you meet in Heaven‘- but I’m not taking life advice from a sports writer. Besides, this is, ‘the five people in my apocalypse borders bomb shelter’. Heaven can wait.

If I were to only have people int he dance world, I think I would want a mix of people I already knew and some I didn’t- there would be opportunities to reminisce with loved ones and you could fill some of the endless time with that horrible ‘getting to know someone’ process.

A few names that pop into my head are: Christy Corbitt Miller from Louisville Ballet Company and Julie Cobble from Roxey Ballet- they are the nicest, most fun, and always inspiring people you could ever spend the remainder of your life in a bookstore with. For intellectual purposes, my old friend Stirling Matheson, currently with Maryland Theatre Ballet, would be a good one for lengthy philosophical discussions. He’s probably a packaged deal with his wife, Sabrina- also of Maryland Theatre Ballet- but I’m ok with that. And obviously, Roberto Bolle from ABT is invited. I don’t THINK he’s dumb as rocks, but even if he is, I’m also ok with that.

Other people who I don’t know that I might invite are –Mark Morris– notoriously both rude and genius choreographer. It would be nice for me not to be the worst-mannered person left on earth. Bob Fosse– he is fascinating and perverted, just my type of person. And one of my favorite choreographers, the late Ulysses Dove. I have a DVD of Alvin Ailey performing ‘Episodes’ which he choreographed and introduces and the work is brilliant enough, but he is also incredibly articulate and seems like a pretty deep-thinker. There is reason behind the movement, the lighting, and a lot of it is personal and drawn from his life.

Anyways, if the world ends today this whole discussion is moot point. And If I only get to meet 5 people in Heaven, I still hope that Ulysses Dove is one of them. He will take my hand and lead me past the pearly gates into a studio where he will teach  me the choreography from his work, ‘Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven’. I will learn the section done by the two males with my good friend Kevin Wiltz (I know it’s done by men, but I don’t find it gender specific).

In Heaven, I never mess up and everyone claps at the end.

Too bad I’ve been a brat my whole life and I’ll probably not be ‘On the list’ with Saint Peter, and I’ll probably spend eternity being a backup dancer at a Branson-like Rodeo show where I wear a ten gallon sequined hat and the whole place smells like pork chops. Oh dear end-of-the-world theorists, let me not be judged!

8 thoughts on “Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven

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  3. The world is such a small small place! I was randomly googling foot-binding and somehow you’re pointe shoe picture popped up and being a dancer myself, I was intrigued by how you related to it.
    Anyway, I used to work with Kevin when he was dancing in Indianapolis! Such a small world. He is a very handsome man 🙂
    I love hearing from dancer’s who hadn’t stopped.
    It’s a beautiful discipline to keep.

    • Wow, it IS a small world! He and I were dancing together in Indy as well. Were you with Dance Kaleidoscope? Thanks for the comment- always nice to tie our world a little tighter! 🙂

      • No, I worked at Abercrombie, But I did date a boy from Dance Kaleidoscope… without even knowing that Kevin danced for them (maybe it was after he moved to NY actually) so. WEIRD. so. SMALL.

      • I don’t think he actually ever did dance for them- we both graduated in 2008 and went to Louisville immediately afterwards. Let’s see how small the world really is- was it Zack that you dated? (I know eeeeveryone! jk)

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