Don’t Drink and Dance- or Drink and Watch Dance

I stupidly didn’t carry my camera around with me this past weekend so I will have to settle on an old picture.

the beautiful Jennifer Schonschack and I at the Mariinsky

This is again, from my journal kept while in St. Petersburg. I was at the Mariinksy Theatre seeing I think, Don Q this night.

My friends Erin, Kaitlin, Jen, and I were sitting on one side of the balcony and spotted 4 attractive gentlemen across the great divide that is stage right from stage left.

Maybe our judgement was cloudy because we weren’t actually drinking enough. We were rationed a very small amount of water since you can’t drink the water from the faucets there (why it’s ok to shower in it is beyond me, also it ran a murky brownish color for two days). Or maybe we were underfed and overworked dancing and rehearsing all day then running around looking at palaces and museums in the evening and then dashing off to see shows. Or maybe it’s the Russian way that drinks were allowed in the theatre. It’s a known fact that I need glasses to see distances but I try to leave my beer goggles at home when I go to the ballet. Anyways,  these boys looked gorgeous from where we were sitting.

And then we got closer. Lesson learned, drinks and dance don’t mix. Like vodka on the rocks made with brown russian tap-water ice cubes.

4 Russian hotties...or notties (yes, those are stink lines above their foul little heads. It's a very accurate representation)

3 thoughts on “Don’t Drink and Dance- or Drink and Watch Dance

  1. LOL. So funny. I am from Australia where you never take drinks or food into a theatre, but I have been spending a lot of time in America and most theatre’s here (well in Atlanta anyway) let you take anything in! People were walking into the theatre with cokes and popcorn to watch the ballet! I couldn’t believe it!
    It is kinda fun sip champagne in your cocktail dress in the theatre though….

  2. Wow, I can’t say I’ve ever seen popcorn at the ballet here in the states, but I’ve never been to Atlanta. I have noticed a huge lack of applause from audiences, so I think the whole ‘movie culture’ is catching even in live theatre. I agree, cocktail dresses, champagne, and theatre go well together. It’s a cocktail for fun! Thanks for your comment Deb!

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