Superimposed Porcu-person

You might think that the official critic for the ‘Spring to Dance Festival’ spends intermission discussing the value or execution of each piece with her guest. True enough on Friday when I was sitting with my friend Chris Tucker (featured in yesterday’s post) who is also a dancer, and not so much yesterday with my friend Jason where the time was occupied by defiling the back of the program with stupid doodles.

For whatever reason, I was thinking the other day about mermaids and centaurs and what other animals might look really ridiculous with human faces stuck on their bodies. Check out the Captain Dracula Walrus in the top right-hand corner- part time pirate, part time vampire, all time walrus. It kind of looks like my friend Bryan (there’s the shout-out I promised!)

Also featured are: Pigmathlete, Porcu-people (that are in love! Aw! How sweet and creepy!) , a pregnant kangaroo that looks like it has a snake for a tail, a turtle in a do-rag, a human snail, an octo-person, and of course the dancer who on my program at least, is Yasir Arafat.

Let it be known that I can only claim credit for the porcu-people, captain walrus, the snail, and the octo-person. The rest is all on my friend Jason who just graduated from Wash U with both a PhD and and MD. Think about THAT next time you’re at the doctor’s office.

If it were possible to just transplant a human head onto an animal body, I would want my head on something like a hairy chimp. Can you imagine how disturbing that would be?

 Speaking of my head on hairy/Harry things, look at this image my friend Holt made for me. Someone is really cheerful about being ‘the chosen one’….meaning me. Thank you Holt!

If I were going to put my head onto another person, I am pretty sure that I would choose the stunningly gorgeous Victoria Jaiani from the Joffrey Ballet who performed last night at ‘Spring to Dance’. She must not have a spine because the things she did with her amazingly flexible back were unreal. She must be a cephaloperson, like my octoperson. Her legs were equally tentacle-like due to unbelievable flexibility. Too bad she only had two instead of eight.

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about superimposing my face onto another far better dancer than myself- judging by this picture from an old scrap-book I made in high school. I think it’s a ‘Bloch’ add (a dancewear/shoe company).

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were so easy to become someone decisively more artistic? Just ask Mr. Bean. correction; just ask Mona Lisa Bean.

3 thoughts on “Superimposed Porcu-person

  1. creepy small head on which one? hey! I have a small head, it can’t be helped! At least it isn’t as creepy as ‘africa head’ that I used to draw on your dry-eraseboard

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