A Link to my Review

happy critic

Here is a link to my review. I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, and it’s still probably too long. How do you cover three days of dance in around one thousand words? I don’t think it’s possible unless you leave a lot out. Maybe I should have taken shortcuts using cavemanish broken English. Me like Joffrey Ballet! (That just sounds like cookie monster at the ballet)



I guess I could have just said one or two words about every performance, which ones had ‘PREDICTABLE!’ or ‘SLOPPY’  or ‘GENIUS!’  scrawled in the program notes. I hope no one ever gets ahold of my program because not only is it covered in weird drawings (see Saturday’s post) but also has all of my knee-jerk reactions to each work. Though maybe that would be a fun read.


sad critic

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