How We Are Spared

I am up with the sun for some yoga today.

I went to the White Mountain Summer Dance festival in both the summer of 2003 and 2006 and we started our days with yoga at six in the morning five days a week. I remember the teacher telling me how flexible I was once, when really I think was just tired. I pretty much rolled out of bed, stumbled to the studio, plopped down on the mat, and my muscles were probably still too asleep to put up much protest against the pull of gravity in certain stretches.

It was a really great way to wake up the body, get circulation and all of those body functions… functioning. Stretching and getting oxygen to the muscles usually gets my brain going as well and puts me in a good mood. Too bad the teacher chose to carry around either a large gong or annoying little finger cymbals that pretty much killed my ‘zen’.

Butler Ballet 2006- rehearsal for 'The Sleeping Beauty' dancers: Brandon Ragland, Kevin Wiltz, Sara Sardelli, Michael Green, Stirling MAtheson

How We Are Spared -by WS Merwin

 At Midsummer, before dawn an orange light returns to the mountains

like a great weight and the small birds cry out

and bear it up.

Make of this what you will. I like it, anyways.

2 thoughts on “How We Are Spared

  1. I am hoping now that school is out I can get to the yoga studio more often. I found a really great place in Cincy but then choir took over my life (haha like that’s ever happened before…) You can be my inspiration 🙂

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