Don’t Drink and dance

Don’t get me wrong, I love digging out my spandex and mesh just as much as the next person, but I think 80’s themed

parties have been done.

I went to college. I’ve had my fill of bad fraternity party themes.

There is a popular movie theater here in St. Louis called ‘The Tivoli’ that sometimes does the midnight shows of cult classics like ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ complete with all the extras. People go in costume and get up and do the time warp in the aisles and basically shed all inhibition, appropriate layers of clothing, and any semblance of dignity. It’s a fun time.

This was also done (I don’t know if it still is) at Butler University by the dance department with a projector screen in the largest studio and a bunch of dancers in corsets and drag.

The ‘Time Warp’ is the dance number from the film and a parody of the ‘dance song’ genre; the dance steps are given as lyrics (similar to the cha-cha slide today).The  80’s theme sort of parodies the fashion and culture of that delightful decade, just in a bad party format. Actually, a parody themed party might be kind of fun.

Apparently I like 1975 (the year of the film’s release) a lot more than the 80’s. I do not want to go back to the time of

Transylvanians circa 2004- Emily, Tim, Me, and Kevin. Yikes. This picture is both Rocky and horrifying

curled bangs (that really didn’t work on my hair anyways- just look at my terrible attempt in the first picture!) and scrunchies.  Nor do I want to go back to the kind of stupid drunken party themes that I semi-enjoyed as a college student. Have you ever seen drunk college kids trying to ‘walk like an Egyptian’? More like, ‘Stagger around like an intoxicated twenty-year old  wearing a ridiculous outfit’.

The only kind of time warp I want to do is the one that involves…

a jump to the left! And then a step to the right.

Time travel is only ok for: dance purposes, The Time Traveller’s Wife (good book if you need a summer read), and Michael J. Fox from his ‘Back to the Future’ Days. And only if you have a Delorean.

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