Ms. Tony beauty pageant

I might be the only one, but I was pretty annoyed with the Tony Awards for not showing the awarding of ‘best choreography’ which went to Kathleen Marshall for ‘Anything Goes’. It’s not one of my favorite musicals but it does have some fun dancing if you like tap and a bunch of chorus girls- AKA the ‘angels’.

I’ve actually choreographed sections of Anything Goes for a local production here in St. Louis . My angels ranged from experienced tappers to maybe some of the klutsiest dancers ever to ungracefully grace a stage. Sometimes it can be very challenging as a choreographer to work with non-dancers because it is hard to think of ways to make a dance interesting and entertaining when you have to severely dumb down the steps.

This is a current fear for me because I am choreographing the opening number for the Ms Webster Pageant in the beginning of July and I have no idea what kind of training the participants have, if any. I don’t want to set something too hard or too boring because either way, it’ll look sad and tragic- just what beauty pageant contestants want.  I guess I could always have them do the ‘super freak’ dance from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, because that won’t make anyone uncomfortable.

Speaking of Webster and the Tony’s, those of us living here can feel some local pride as Norbert Leo Butz– a graduate from Webster University- won the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical for ‘Catch me if you Can’. And people say nothing comes out of Missouri except for Meth and corn.

4 thoughts on “Ms. Tony beauty pageant

  1. I don’t have any problems with non-dancers who do whatever moves they choose in clubs or whatnot. Trying to teach a dance to people who know nothing about dance is tricky- they don’t have the tools or the vocabulary. You wouldn’t ask someone who doesn’t speak or know english to write a novel or a poem would you? (Unless it’s an ESL class) Of course, everone has movement but pulling something together to look decent on stage is another story.

  2. You could ask someone to write a novel or a poem in their own language! BAM! But I get what you mean…just sounded really harsh. I’m only going to head bop around you.

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