All American Photoshoot Rejects

What a week it’s been- between teaching at COCA, choreographing for the Ms. Webster Pageant, and trying to solidify

BlackBear Bakery on Cherokee (get the pumpernickel bread!)

some details as well as choreography for the show I’m putting together, you’d think I’d have enough of the arts.

Nope! I spent today attending the SLAP (St. Louis Artist Project) Conference held at the RAC on Delmar. This great festival began on Thursday and runs through tomorrow (Sunday). There are classes, demonstrations, and discussions in the mornings and afternoons and fun events and shows in the evenings.

I learned about found art, the urban landscape, and polyrythms today. I took notes on the panels that I attended for SLAP’s archives but I have the feeling that my notes are pretty illegible since I was desperatley trying to scribble down the inspiring, intelligent, and funny things that were said.

My favorite quote of the day came from the music guru leading the rythm lecture (who also happens to direct the Washington University Electronic Music Studio) , it went something like this:

Pictured: Jenny Rice and Katie Gibbens

Be nice to the ideas in your head. They’re in a strange place

This past evening was the ‘Cherokee Stroll’ where businesses stayed open late and offered up food, music, and art. I strongly suggest BlackBear Bakery to anyone and everyone. It’s also right next to the new ‘I Scream’ Ice Cream parlor, where everything is organic…and delicious.


Anyways, the festival and the wonderful artists that I met were just what I needed to inspire me as I plunge forward in attempting to spear-head this little project of getting a show together for July 9th. I was honestly thinking a few days ago of just pulling it because it is a lot of work without any kind of definite pay-off- and

Dancer: Ashley Hamman

I’m not talking about money because that is a definite- I won’t get any. That’s honestly not the point. I just want to do something to showcase the talented dancers here in St. Louis, and to offer something different and FREE to do on a Saturday night besides a smelly bar. And selfishly, I think most artists want to create because we feel like we have some kind of a special gift that is meant to be shared, not for personal gain, but because I feel like the best I can offer the world are the things I am passionate and knowledgable about, and in my case that is making and performing dance.


These pictures are just a teaser for the official image that I’m working on as ‘advertisment’ for the show. These are basically a few that I’ve decided NOT to use, and I still think they look pretty nice. Of course, I do have three of the prettiest girls so maybe I can’t take much credit for posing them. And I can’t take credit for actually snapping or editing the shots- that’s all on my friend Tim. They wouldn’t have come out half as nice on my crappy camera-phone.

More details to come on Monday or Tuesday- hope you enjoy!

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