Upcoming Show Details


Here is the finished advertisement for my upcoming show! ( I say ‘my’- which feels strange and conceited)

The initiative to put this together is purely selfish; I have ALWAYS wanted to dance the ‘dying swan’ variation and because I am not resigning a contract for another year as a ballet dancer, I fear this dream may never happen unless I make it happen. It seems an appropriate variation in theme as well since I am sort of killing my ballet dreams… that sounds overly dramatic. Maybe in my version, I’ll have Natalie Portman come stab me in the gut with a piece of mirror. Dying swan indeed.

The other piece on the play-bill is something I am choreographing (and not dancing in) on four of the lovely ladies from Missouri Ballet Theatre (sarah is sadly not pictured in the ad- the dancers are: Ashley Hamman, Jenny Rice, and Katie Gibbens)

It should, I think, be a nice contrast to the simplistic, classical, and sad ‘dying swan’.  It is more about youth, athleticism, competition, and fun it features basically everything that made me fall in love with dance when I was a little girl actually attending Avery Elementary (the location of the show) …..except sequins obviously, my truest love.

We have our first rehearsal in a little bit, and I am really excited!  Fingers crossed that all goes well!

One thought on “Upcoming Show Details

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