A genius idea

If you haven’t heard the audiobook version of the new mock children’s book, ‘Go The Fu(k to Sleep!’ read by the ever-amazing Samuel L. Jackson, go to audible.com and download it for free. It’s fantastic.

And as all great art usually does, it inspired me…

I had the brilliant idea of making a version of this for dancers.

I call it,

‘”Get the Fu(k off the Stage!”

I think I want it narrated by Barishnykov.

(In case you can’t read my sloppy cursive- it reads,

The curtain has fallen, the shows are all done, the dancers expecting a wage.

But ticket sales sucked and we can’t pay you. What? You expect money in exchange for work?

Then Get the Fu(k off the Stage!”

If you’re a publisher, feel free to contact me with a contract and my impending millions.

2 thoughts on “A genius idea

  1. Love it!!! Thanks for the laugh and I find it so appropriate for many other “STFU And….” situations! heheh I would be the second one to buy your best seller and it must be autographed. 😉 Stay well and my best wishes for your all of your projects.

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