Weapons of Jess-attempting-to-function

Back by popular demand!

Or maybe just a few people who asked, ‘hey whatever happened to that blog you were writing?’

To them I say, life happened. It’s been one crazy summer. And good news, I’ve started working at Alive Magazine here in St. Louis. I recently wrote a blog for them about the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park.  You can read my take on parking, baklava, dancing, and whistles here:


I’ve been teaching a lot as well- which is sometimes a joy and other times, completely draining. I taught the dance component of one camp this summer entitled ‘Rock Tots’ which is basically teaching little dance moves/social skills to 3-6 year olds while jamming to Queen and The Who.

 Sounds fun, yes? Let’s just say it inspired this drawing and leave it at that.

 (I don’t know how telling it is that I draw dragons relatively well and can’t for the life of me, draw a barbeque. Living in a fantasy, I think so.)

Also in the works is putting a title, logo, website/blog, and business cards to the company I’ve been keeping in the dance studio. I actually have a show tonight in the Aisle 1 Art Gallery on Cherokee Street, which is a pretty cool destination spot for artists and food mongers. Actually, the owner of the gallery does some art direction for Alive as well, so it’s a small world. I’m presenting two new pieces and the show will take place both inside and outside of the gallery so hopefully it will be pretty unique and entertaining. If not, at least it’s both free and short.It starts at 8 pm.  

The other two dancers and I managed to rehearse and learn it in only two rehearsals so kudos to them. I’ll put either pictures or a video up later in the week.

And of course, lots of familyish stuff going on. Those of you close to me know what that entails. If not, just general good thoughts in my clan’s direction are appreciated.

When I was in elementary school and experiencing a sick day, my Dad used to set up a tiny black and white TV and vcr in my bedroom and then go out and rent “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ to cheer me up.  It is from this film gem that I get my current mantra in life:

“A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why sometimes, it’s the best weapon we have”

Just call me Jessica Rabbit- minus the red hair, double D boobs, and animal husbandry.

As I type this, I can feel my hands shaking and my blood sugar plummeting. Great, another sick day. I guess in these kind of times you have to find whatever it is- juice or memories or movies- that keeps life sweet.

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