Bonjour girl; weekend round-up

I’m really mad because I forgot that the Balloon Glow in Forest Park was tonight. I’m not taking time to explain what that is to people who A) don’t live in St. Louis B) Live under a rock Can afford non-free events use       Use your imagination

It’s incredible how two weeks (one spend in the hospital- one basically getting the service and everything underway) goes by so quickly, and I missed so many fun things on my calendar that I had been looking forward to: a film noir festival, a fitness expo, a party for the sponsors of the Magazine a.k.a. free food, tons of stuff. Not that I didn’t have more important things going on, but still.

I’m happy to have been back working these past two days- I went back to teaching on Thursday and back to the magazine today. It is good for me to be busy and immersed in things, good things.

That being said, I am really looking forward to the weekend. I have big big plans. Like getting my bangs trimmed.

Seriously, can people successfully do this themselves? I remember trying the last time I had bangs and I ended up looking like alfalfa from The Little Rascals.

Aaaaand because the place where I get my hair cut is right next to ‘Crave the Cup’- a yummy cupcakery shop in the Central West End- I’m considering stopping in, you know, just to look…….or to buy out the remainder of the ‘summer crush cupcakes’ which are like orange creamsicles in baked good form.


Diabetic comatose fat ballerina heaven.

I also need to work on choreography for the piece I won a grant to create- because I have five movements to choreograph for four dancers and only three weeks until showtime. Aghhh!  My choreography process looks like one of three options:

a) go in a studio either alone or with trusted dancers, put on  music and record some improv. then go back later, watch the footage and take inspiration

Alice, Me, and Emily

Chesea, Teddy, and Katie - Spark Movement Collective- in New York

b) Place myself in front of the mirror, put on the music on repeat and dance around my bedroom in my pajamas and then scribble down what I can see myself doing- or better yet, how it looks in my head

c) Go to a public place like borders Barnes and Noble and sit in their cafe section with my computer plugged in and headphones on, listening to my music on repeat, sort of choreographing from the elbows down, occasionally standing up to try something out, and in general freaking everyone out. I must look like I’m having a mild stroke while waving my arms around and generally counting the music phrases out loud in blissful rapture oblivious to concerned, entertained, and annoyed looks from fellow patrons.

I am also supposed to see a good friend for a Thai food date (I am on the look-out for the best pad thai- a current obsession- in the city) and I have a stake in watching the emmys. Did I mention that my Dad was an emmy award winner? Hashtag- proud daughter

Anyways, there is a lot to look forward to even though times are tough. And even in the past few very painful days, I’ve collected some tidbits of joy that I’ll be sharing.

This one is from that same guy who does the ‘Sassy Gay Friend’ videos which if you haven’t seen, do yourself a favor and youtube them immediately! (I recommend Romeo and Juliet) He also did the amazing honey badger nature documentary video. “Honey Badger don’t care!” Super funny.

Hope you enjoy. And if you don’t, take belle/funny sassy guy’s advice and remember that ‘there must be more than this provincial life’ and get your eyes unglued from your computer for a second and go do something….. like people watch weirdos in cafes. I’ll probably be there, waving my arms, and dreaming up some dance creations.

One thought on “Bonjour girl; weekend round-up

  1. I am at work listening to this via headphones. I started laughing audibly when the sheep eats the book…”Excuse me!” So glad I can reinforce my bosses’ suspicions that I am crazy.

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