Suck it Up- Advice from Uncle Beefy

I can’t for the life of me, read a map, but I think I can find my way through this one.

I found this via The Bedlam Of Beefy blogspot- who found it via 37 Days via   Credit where it’s due kids. I didn’t come up with it, though I wish I did. I also wish I had a cool blog nickname like ‘Uncle Beefy’. I could be Lady Jerky, maybe. In double serves as noun and in my case at least, adjective. Well, not the ‘Lady’ part.

This is me..if I had a beard. And glasses. And a vacuum cleaner. And a defeatist attitude.

Suck it up and clean up and cheer up. Sometimes they’re one and the same. Other times, at least you get a clean floor.

That’s my two cents for the day.

Defeatist attitude?


Defeastist attitude?


Love from Lady Jerky.

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