View from the Top; Dance Snobs

Wendy Perron is the editor in chief of Dance Magazine, which has been for a long time, the publication for which I would most dearly love to write.

Recently, she blogged an article entitled, ‘Blogging about the Choreography Process- Ugh!’

In this article, she slams young choreographers trying to reach a wider audience, etc. etc, saying that the writing process will not help anyone in this goal, or in becoming a better choreographer. She also describes a ‘non-verbal place’ that choreographers need to be immersed in to create a piece of quality.  It’s a short article in which she manages to, in my opinion, show nothing more than a closed-minded pompous opinion towards who is allowed to speak and who is not about their own goals, ideas, and work not to mention stating that there is only one way to choreograph. Read her Dance magazine blog by clicking  here

Sorry Wendy, some of us can ALWAYS find the words. And some of us let doodles do the talking.

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones


I think the best retort that I’ve come across is from this dance blog. I pretty much just want to call her an ugly pepper-ann look-alike snob who isn’t that great of a writer anyways- so I’ll let the more eloquent and composed do the talking for me.

In other news, I also read about the debut of the new New York City Ballet collaboration with Paul McCartney in a new ballet whose name I’ve completely forgotten but the story is something like:

Underwater kingdom invaded by evil thingies, some princess.

Princess Dirty College Campus Fountain

According tot he New York Times, it was frothy and entertaining but the choreography by company Director Peter Martins, was rather unimaginative. The whole ballet sounds like a sell-out to me, a poor attempt to as Miss Perron so widely bashes ‘reach a new audience’ with the inclusion of a music legend outside the typical realm of ballet and ballet composers

I am not a.gainst this at all, I think it’s wonderful, it’s just too bad that from what I’ve read, the result didn’t match the hype. 

I applaud the valiant effort anyways. Martins doesn’t have a blog so apparently the ‘non-verbal’ place of creation doesn’t work all the time either. Maybe he should try the writing process.

“Dance for yourself. If someone else understands, good. f not, no matter. Go right on doing what interests you, and do it until it stops interesting you,” -Louis Horst

Well said, Horst.  I’m going to count that as permission to continue doing things that interest me, and that includes writing about dance.

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