So, when do I move in?

Fist off, everyone take note of and click on this link which will direct you to MY INTERVIEW WITH BROADWAY STAR HETTIE BARNHILL AND MY REVIEW OF A DREADFUL SHOW HERE IN ST. LOUIS

Thank you. I tried to go easy on the review. I could have completely trashed said quite a lot more, but I’ll just stay silent and hope for better next year. If I’m still in St. Louis, that is.

I’ve been toying with the idea os going back to Grad school for a while. I think a big part of me actually misses New York. Maybe I just miss being cramped in tiny, dirty quarters. Or maybe I’m just seeking some escape.

I’ve never wanted to live in a mansion. I’m not one for housework, besides vacuuming, which I oddly enjoy. I’ve always wanted a weird little house with features like a secret room hidden behind a bookcase, a circular staircase, pretty much features that Peter Pan would have in his treehouse, or that Rasputin had in his house in Russia. There was one rounded stone room that made it impossible to gossip in secret, a feature which was probably useful when things were being said like ‘let’s poison that son-of-a-b*tch’ and not so much when it was me and my best friend Emily complaining ‘this whole country stinks!’ in what we thought were muted tones.

Anyways, I have an occasional fascination with becoming a hermit- the idea of escaping from everyone and everything; taxes, jobs, people, (but I would take my cat!)

Won't you be my neighbor? Not a chance!

and if I ever do go off-the-grid, here are some places where I would want to live. (All pics- if not done by me or my Grandpa or M.E. – vie apartment therapy) Where would you go?


This is actually Roald Dahl's writing shed- so I will clearly also write works of genius and deight if I move here


very bad doodle of Hogwarts


Swiss Jessica Ruhlin-son


I will be roommates with Emo Barbie and we'll have a grand ol' time


One of my Grandpa's paintings. I will live here and store all of my secrets, like Vonnegut's Bluebeard



Mary Engelbreit's 'The Snow Queen'

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