Everyday is Halloween

It is never too early to start thinking about Halloween. Costumes are the stuff of life…for me anyways.

I am confirmed on facebook (which means it is SET IN STONE)  to attend a Halloween party where the lovely hostess is dressing as Little Red Riding Hood.  It isn’t fairy tale themed, though that would be fun. Actually, a twisted fairy tale party would be  amazing. I would go as ‘Jess and the Celery Stalk’ (Jack and the BeanStalk).

I mentioned in my last post that red is a hot color this fall, red coats particularly are everywhere. Also popular is animal print. And I don’t just mean leopard or zebra. I mean animals as geometrics. Sometimes I wonder where these trends come from, if some designer was munching some animal crackers and decided the barely recognizable shapes would look great slapped on some silk charmeuse.

Between these two trends, little red is my current fashion inspiration. She is clearly the fashionista of the fairy tale world, as she is KNOWN more for her clothes than her name…which is what? I bet it’s something like Maureen.

What if all people were re-named for items of clothing they wear the most? Names might be something like:

Scrawny white wife-beater. Big droopy granny-panty. Large black doo-rag.

I would probably be: Average dark skinny-jean. Or Medium stupid- expression. Anyways, here is my fall  LRRH inspiration lineup

(pictures via Beautiful Home Magazine, Lucky, Anthropologie catalogue, and Instyle Magazine. The glassware in the bottom pic is made to look like various tree forms. How cool and woodsy! (momastore.org) And the multicolored leaves are actually stick notes. THat would make fact checking at work so much more fun! Get them at shop.walkerart.org- $3 for a pack of 20!)

The other day I put on my pointe shoes, just to see if I can still do anything. I tried, with no warm up, to do the dream kitri variation from ‘Don Quixote’ which was a ridiculously stupid endeavor. That variation is really hard. At this point, I think the only that I could just get up and do is actually the ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’ divertissement in the Wedding scene of the ballet ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. In most interpretations, little red wears a pretty costume and does little more than skip around on pointe. I could handle that.  This version (Moscow Ballet) is the anti-thesis – the dancing, which is not the original Petipa choreography,  is actually hard and impressive and the costume is horrible. It’s red riding hood, not pinkish derby hat.

But in my version, I would want to kick the wolf’s bushy-tailed butt. No woodcutter necessary thanks, I’ll do it myself!

Speaking of do-it-myself, I will not wear actual fur but I’m not opposed to faux fur. Especially if my faux fox is made out of sequins like it is on this sweater. I hand embroidered these little reds onto a cheap basic merino wool sweater (I did  not use a pattern, draw it on first, or use an embroidery hoop. I would recommend any or all of these tools to anyone who wants to attempt something like this) . I’m like little red from Stephen Sondheim’s musical ‘Into the Woods’ in act 2, after she’s  killed and skinned met the wolf.

I enjoy Halloween and fashion for the same reason; I find both transformative. I enjoy pretending to be something outside of myself, like you know, someone with any sense of style.

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