Don’t cry over spilled coffee

Another day where my leaky tumbler spills leftover now-cold coffee inside my bag.

I think I need something like one of these amazing dyed bags, but in brown to match my spilled beverage of choice. The yellow one would look like I stole the sun and it’s leaking sunny D everywhere.  I don’t know what the blue one would be- maybe a blue-rasberry shlushee…or Smurf juice.

(TeddyFish bags found via Unruly Things)

I will never forget my dear friend from Butler- the one and only Kevin Wiltz– who used to be obsessssssed with diet mountain dew attempting to ‘steal’ a bottle-full of the stuff from our cafeteria (since apparently our incredibly expensive mealplan didn’t allow for taking anything out of the food hall). He filled said bottle to breaking point and stuffed it in his expensive little designer backpack. It of course exploded and when it did, he wailed like a little girl said:

“My French Connection bag is SATURATED IN DEW!”

This bag company should make a pale green version for him. Steal, Stuff, and Spill away Kevin.

“Stains that are trying to cover, for each other, or at least blend in with the pattern…”- Regina Spektor, lyrics from ‘Man with a thousand faces”

Me + Kevin circa 2006- how pretty! Him, not me. Ugh, look at that hair. What what WHAT was I thinking?


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3 thoughts on “Don’t cry over spilled coffee

  1. I spilled old coffee all over the interior of my car last week. I wish the entire inside of my car was like one of those lint rollers with the sticky paper…dogs go for a ride, just rip a layer off…spill coffee, absorb excess moisture and then rip another layer off.

  2. Emily, that sounds like the disposable puff pastry of vehicles. or maybe i’m just hungry. I like how you want to get rid of any and all mess whereas I insist on turning it into something ‘artistic’.I

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