All Shapes and Sizes

Love and beauty may come in all shapes and sizes but for me, it usually comes in a size 6. Cinderella would agree. for the way you lacerate my feet

Sometimes it seems like every company across the country gets together and decides on a similar season of performances. Three years ago, it seemed like everyone was doing “Cinderella’ (usually with the Prokofiev score) and ‘Sinatra Songs’ (Choreography by Twyla Tharp). Which ballet is in fashion right now? And I wonder if the sudden popularity of a particular piece has more to do with the rights becoming cheaper for certain ballets, or sets become available, or something along financial rather than artistic lines. What it is that puts one piece of work in the spotlight? Does anyone know?

I can barely keep up with shoe fashions- and judging by how many of those pictured are vintage, I’m going to say that I don’t even do that well.

If I had my way, there would be a huge resurfacing of ‘The Little Humpback Horse’ or ‘The Tales of  Beatrix Potter’. (I’m kidding on those) I wish SOMEONE would do ‘The Green Table’ choreographed by Kurt Joos. (I’ve only seen it on tape but it is amazing!) Preferably a company that is modern,talented , and in St. Louis because gas is again on the rise. I think ‘Modern American Dance Company’ or MADCO, would be up to the challenge. I saw them perform about a week and a half ago- review (or mock review..mwahaha) coming soon.

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