Case of the Mondays

Who me?

Yes you!

These pictures are from my favorite little pick-me-up, ‘The Blue Day Book’ – a collection of gorgeous and hilarious black-and-white photos of animals with funny quips from Bradley Trevor Grieve . It’s a lesson in cheering up.

Does anyone else think it’s funny that his last name is ‘grieve’? If our names were indicators of the OPPOSITE  of our occupations, or what we help with (cheering-up animal literature helps with grieving I suppose) then I guess with a last name like ‘Ruhlin’- I would be either

 a slave (opposite of a Ruler, like a queen, president, or a general manager somewhere) or

the leader of some guerilla warfare clan intent on overthrowing a cruel dictator…like grumpiness.

 I want to be happy but I won’t be happy til I make you happy too!

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