The First 4 Words You See Describe You Quiz

My best friend works in Publishing in New York.

I was thinking of her yesterday because I took a computer skills test for a writing-ish  job that sounds relatively boring but has a pretty amazing pay rate. Areas covered were: Microsoft Word, Excel, proofreading, typing, and spelling. I had a moment in the proofreading section where I dawdled over the word ‘publishors’ which is obviously not right but I couldn’t remember if I should replace that pesky 0 with an ‘e’ or a ‘u’. Publishers? Publishurs?  Can’t I just say that, as Harry Potter’s future wife, I’m converting to Brittish-isms and I’m going to spell everything with an ‘ou’?

Publishour. Oubnouxious. Gou Ouver there. Pooup.- Sorry, I’m immature. Or should I say….Sourry.

I felt a little ashamed that I can’t even spell my best friends’ occupation without a double take. But I did get 100% on the spelling (surprise surprise) and BOMBED the excel portion.

Hide? Formula? Merge the cells? Add a 3-D stagger column graph ?

Um, I know how to bold and add a row.  So I’d be happy to make a spreadsheet entitled ‘I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!’ in Bold.

Actually scratch that, let’s call it ‘Things I can do’….because it would be almost entirely blank. And based on my apparent ‘skills’ that means less work for me! I do type around 60 words per minute though so I guess if I’m creating a document on my fabulous abilities I could type ‘crack bad grammar-related and poop jokes’ (7 words) about 8 and a half times in a minute.  Would anyone be interested in poublishing that for me?

Anyways, said bff recently posted this on her facebook wall. You’re supposed to list the first 4 words that pop out to you. Aaaaaand. …….go.




Apparently the first four words you see describe you. Want to know mine?

They are (in the order that I saw them):

Men.  Pass.  Drama.  Happy.



Please note that ‘pass‘ is actually part of ‘compass‘. I know there is a bad joke somewhere in the correlation of ‘men’ andmy seeing  ‘pass’ without the ‘com’ syllable, but I think my time is better spent on other things, like pooup jokes.


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