Thanks a lot, Einstein

photos courtesy¬†of: and old dance magazine that I cut up and pasted in a scrapbook/ wise words of AE from ‘The Bedlam of Beefy’ blogspot/ photo I took from a rehearsal for ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ at Butler University- vision scene

*Princess Aurora- portrayed by Christina Conrad, Prince: Pete Lay. The two tall girls closest to the couple are: on the right, my best friend Emily. Please look at her amazing feet. On the left, my friend Andrea who trained at the same school as I did in St. Louis and now dances with the Georgia Ballet. And if you look reeeally hard, you can see me sitting behind the piano in the bleachers with my camera.

One thought on “Thanks a lot, Einstein

  1. Dear Bodies Never Lie,

    My name is Hannah Timmons. I am working for a Dance Project happening on November the 19th, called “Dancehackit.” We are looking for dancers/choreographers/movers, to join in on a Global Dance Improvisation. You can be anywhere in the world to join. We need you NOW. This concept was developed by Marlies Yearby, choreographer of the hit broadway show, “Rent.” What you need: three dancers, a webcam, and a computer. Again, the event takes place on the 19th, so if you’d like to join, or know anyone that may like to join, please sign up IMMEDIATELY. For more info visit the website:, or email me:,

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Hannah Timmons
    DANCEHACKIT Coordinator
    Skype: hannah.timmons1

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