Character Reference

I went to see the 2009 Tony Award winning play ‘God of Carnage’ on Sunday. Let’s just say, I have opinions. And I will share them. But first, a portrait. Of me.

I saw this picture on my friend Donna’s facebook and thought it was funny. It was described as ‘what if we looked like our insides’ or souls or something.  Good thing we don’t- especially souls- I’d probably be invisible,

I think I’m kind of the opposite- dancer on the outside, frumpy old lady on the inside.

Here are two illustrations from my sketchbook- call it Jess inside and out. What’s in your head?


Please note the little elephant near the back of my head, the Sufjan Stevens song reference (bonus points to anyone who can identify it) and of course Mark Morris- who I love as a choreographer, but he seems from everything I’ve read and seen, like a total @ss. My friend Kevin does a hilarious impression of him where he always says ‘This is my vision’…after describing some kind of horrible dance idea. Genius.

I also like the rabbit coming out of the hat (off the top of my head) since that seems to be how my brain tends to work (or not work)- complete with ‘hair brained ideas’- (or should I say HARE brained ideas. wo-wooomp) Spontaneous, ridiculous, magical. Yeah, that sort of sums it up.

I had a conversation the other day with a friend of mine of which ‘Arrested Development’ Character we are most like. He said ‘Maeby‘ (the kind-of ignored, left-to-herself, secretly and accidentally successful).

I said ‘Gob‘ – magical, spontaneous, ridiculous. Emphasis on ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Character Reference

  1. I would be invisible also if we looked like our souls, or maybe I would look like my stupid little dog. Either way it is fine with me, but if we looked like our insides then I would look like bloody guts and nobody would like me (except vultures and scavengers).

    I believe that the term actually is harebrained rather than hairbrained, right? Or is that the joke and I am missing it? I hope I have a dragon in my chest too; it would be much more interesting than lungs.

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