American Horror Stupid

“The more you fear something, the more power you give to it”

I wish I could say I stole this quote from some impressive Pulitzer-winning author. Nope. It’s from that crappy FX show ‘American Horror Story’ which I admit, is bad writing, bad acting, bad …in general. It is not quality televison, I know. It is not scary in the least and is even sub-par on the entertainment factor. What can I say? I’ve had a long-standing crush on actor Dylan Mcdermott and I suppose I’m willing to turn a blind eye to t.v. credibility when it comes to lust. Sue me… (In fact let’s go back 15 years when he was a sexy lawyer on ‘the Practice’ and possibly in a better age range for me. Can you believe he’s over 50!? He’s still the best looking one the People’s sexiest man alive list this year. -clickity click on the link to see the list which will take you straight to Mr McDelicious -how has McDonald’s not used that title for some spamburger monstrosity yet?- Yuck to everyone else on the list. I wouldn’t date a single one of them…..even if they bought me a McDelicious for dinner. Just kidding)

Anyways, as I do with just about everything, I morphed the meaning of this quote through the ever-foggy jessland that is my brain and it came out revolving around dance. 

When I have taken time off, I am terrified to go back to class. Terrified of being weak and bad and out-of-shape and facing that dreaded mirror and having to stare myself down as I flail about like one of those wacky-waving arms inflatables. But you know what,I went anyways. And I was right, I was dreadful. But it didn’t kill me. It seems to me that a lot of times the things that scare me are really just bad actors in bad makeup with bad dialogue. And most of the time, in my own head. 

Over such crap, I choose fearlessness.

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