When Dancers are Afraid to Dance

“The more you fear something, the more power you give to it”

I wish I could say I stole this quote from some impressive Pulitzer-winning author. Nope. It’s from that crappy FX show ‘American Horror Story’ which I admit, is bad writing, bad acting, bad …in general. It is not quality televison, I know. It is not scary in the least and is even sub-par on the entertainment factor. What can I say? I’ve had a long-standing crush on actor Dylan Mcdermott and I suppose I’m willing to turn a blind eye to t.v. credibility when it comes to lust. Sue me… (In fact let’s go back 15 years when he was a sexy lawyer on ‘the Practice’ and possibly in a better age range for me. Can you believe he’s over 50!? He’s still the best looking one the People’s sexiest man alive list this year. -clickity click on the link to see the list which will take you straight to Mr McDelicious -how has McDonald’s not used that title for some spamburger monstrosity yet?- Yuck to everyone else on the list. I wouldn’t date a single one of them…..even if they bought me a McDelicious for dinner. Just kidding)

Anyways, as I do with just about everything, I morphed the meaning of this quote through the ever-foggy jessland that is my brain and it came out revolving around dance.

When I have taken time off, I am terrified to go back to class. Terrified of being weak and bad and out-of-shape and facing that dreaded mirror and having to stare myself down as I flail about like one of those wacky-waving arms inflatables.

But you know what,I went anyways. And I was right, I was dreadful. But it didn’t kill me (the way a McDonalds-heavy diet, or any of those terrible American Horror Story monsters would). Confidence isn’t something you’re born with, like talent. It’s like a muscle, which must be constantly worked to remain strong.

It seems to me that a lot of times the things that scare me are really just bad actors in bad makeup with bad dialogue. And usually, in my own head.

Over such junk, I choose fearlessness.

One thought on “When Dancers are Afraid to Dance

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