Black Friday, Black Swan

I hope that you all had as grand of a Thanksgiving as I did. It was a ladies night at casa Jess with my Mom and my Grandma and it was fabulous.

This is from a few years ago- You better believe I didn’t wear a cute dress this year. I came to the table in my sweats. Sad? Yes. Comfortable? Also yes!

I don’t know how it’s possible after the feeding frenzy of last night but I woke up hungry this morning. And you know what I wanted for breakfast? The leftover pumpkin pie that was sitting on the counter. My Mom makes the best pie crust. In fact, my favorite cookie in the world is her ‘pie-crust’ cookies that is just leftover dough that she rolls in cinnamon sugar. Yum. Another selling factor is that she only makes them when there’s also a pie in the oven. I love a dessert that just foreshadows more dessert.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am NOT getting involved in any black friday madness, especially anything involving a crowded mall. (Not when you can find deals online in a state of total relaxation.) Between the ages of 11 and 17 I used to have to get up suuuuper early on black friday and head over to the busiest shopping center in St. Louis..but not to shop. My ballet company used to do a mini Nutcracker IN THE MALL right in front of the entrance to Macy’s in between the escalators. It was always a little embarrassing being decked out in costume with tons of people pausing to laugh at watch the little dancers. The best part was always when the day was done and we’d all head to Marble Slab and get huge ice cream cones.

That’s me with the not-so-great foot in front. At least my arm is not either covering my face, completely straight, or…geez, I dont even know what’s going on with the girl in the back

Finally not Clara! That’s me, age 14, in the pink tutu as the Sugar Plum Fairy

The only reason I would go to the mall or don a costume is if I had in fact eaten pie for breakfast, and then the mall santa  went ‘Miracle on 34th street’ and got drunk and or arrested, and they needed a fill-in. I could probably fill the costume. I would be great.

Kids: For christmas, I would like….

Jess Claus: You know what, I don’t care. I would like an antacid and some self-control.  Now get of my lap.

Actually, speaking of wish lists, my Mom asked me the dreaded ‘what’s on the list’ question. I’m tempted to request these:

Clown suit and pogo stick…or a disco stick (Thanks Lady Gaga)

Every season of ‘the Bachelor’ on DVD

A puppy

Korean recipe book (to go with the new puppy)

Weird Al discography


 Jonas Brothers Concert tickets

 Lifesize Warwick Davis poster

  Another full set of Hard-bound Harry Potter books (one isn’t enough)

 A lawyer

What I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeally like is any or all of these Miu Miu designer shoes. They’re only like, $900 a pair. If anyone would like to get them for me that’d be nice. You can forget the gift reciept but please include the acceptance that it’s ok to spend that on any single item. And I’d like it gift wrapped please.