T(o) I(nsure) P(romptness) and other tips

I am and have always been a goal-oriented person.

While working on my grad school application, I can see my imagined future unravelling in front  of me- where I’ll live, what job I’ll get, the people I’ll meet….

After this past Tuesday and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, while working out, I keep thinking to myself ‘Miranda Kerr’….because I want to marry her look like her

I just started working at a very nice restaurant and while serving, I keep thinking how much I hate it that, how much I’m wasting my college education what kind of tips I’ll make

You know, tip actually means ‘to insure promptness’ and was basically the carrot a customer would dangle in their server’s nose to make sure they weren’t served a cold meal….of carrots. Yuck.  An ultimate goal is, for me, the same kind of pressure, motivation, and reminder of exactly what it is that I am working for.

This is why I love doodling. I don’t care if they are terrible, or if I mess up the image I had in my head. Sometimes I sit down and draw without any idea what will come out. I think it’s pretty important to have that freedom somewhere in life.

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