The Best Nutcracker

I am going to see and review 6, yes count them, 6 versions of ‘The Nutcracker’ this year. Let the battle for the best….Battle (and Party, Snow, and all of Act 2) commence!

I am also putting the pen to paper for holiday cards. Last year I started the ‘letter project’ (who could forget ‘fat man getting coffee’..see archives ) and I’m thrilled to continue it this year.  I can’t wait to see what comes back. There is no mail like holiday bills jury summons parking tickets mail.

In the spirit of all things ‘letters’ and ‘writer’ and holiday selfishness here are some cool gifts for the writers in your hearts and minds (Me!) Brought to you by the letters: I W-A-N-T…….

Chocolate Letters! I’ll take an F an A and a T

what every writer needs- ‘the written word’ coffee cup by artist Jennifer Collier- merry caffienated christmas!

Sound it out…then do it. Moomah tshirt

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