Workout in Bed

I am writing to you from the pit of heavenly laziness- the nest of thermal blankets and comforters and thread counts that is my bed. It is far too cold to sit at my desk.

I’ve just finished writing my thank-you letters for the holidays. I am starting out 2012 by not procrastinating on tasks and expressing gratitude!

Anyways, back to how lazy I am: I recently learned that I’ve been doing things a little backwards in my own workouts and I thought I would share a tip to set things in better motion. (Progressing faster towards fitness!)

Here’s a tip to burn extra fat: When I work out, i usually do my running/elliptical/cardio first then tackle individual muscle isolations, ab workouts, weight lifting, etc. second. It seemed to make sense to me, the cardio is like a nice warm-up and then I’m all set to focus on specifics. No! It is actually more beneficial to do the weight lifting, etc. FIRST – burn those calories!– and then follow-up with cardio because it is easier to elevate your heart rate and tap into the energy storage known as the fat around your mid-section. (I’m right there with you). Who knew?

For now, I’m just enjoying sitting in my glorious bed. As much as I hate the idea of not being allowed to move about as would be required during a period of ordered bed-rest, these beds might just get me to fake a case of mono or a difficult pregnancy.

fancy! This bed belongs in my palace! (Or on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’- apparently it’s the Blake Lively character’s bedroom)

This must be how Angels on vacation in Morocco sleep- with a big wire halo over their heads

I call this bedroom “I Dream of Vomit’

Like bunk beds! but not

Blanketed by the words of Yeats written on the walls. I could be happy here

Sweet lazy dreams to us all!

2 thoughts on “Workout in Bed

  1. So glad the facebook saga has come to its logical conclusion. Yes, truth will out every time.

    I, too, had a very public run-in on my blog with a member of my own family, and experienced the same “The Cavalry is coming!’ rescue by a couple of friends. Isn’t that a lovely thing to have happen?

    As for your writing ability, there are two things I look for when I spend my time reading anything; good composition and original thoughts. Its a lot like art (in my opinion, it IS art)…I know it when I see it.

    In this case, I know it when I read it…and I know it every time I read your posts.

    P.S. I call dibs on the Keats bedroom. 😉

  2. I sure wish I could have had an opportunity to read Jane’s eloquent comments. Somehow I will find a way to carry on with my life. I miss my bed terribly right now. It has been very difficult to get out of bed every single day this year…

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