David Hallberg, serial killer

It seems that most of the world returned to their routines and labors today. 2011 is officially over, as is that bubble of time before 2012 gets up and running. Pop!

What a year it has been; some major highs and major lows. I’m going to say that it was a good year for the world of dance at least where media is concerned.

 Black Swan and oscar-winning Natalie Portman certainly sparked an interest in ballet for film-goers(though if I

Sarah Lane

have to tell one more person NO we aren’t all like that I am going to pull a thorn out of my side…the one all those idiots with questions put there) and of course the controversy with Sarah Lane, her body double,  sparked a  lot of conversation :did Natalie deserve the oscar if she did less of the dancing/ did the film makers try to make it seem like she did more than she actually did/ is Natalie a homewrecker and did hubby and dancer Benjamin Millepied’s choreography is the film stink worse than my pointe shoes…the answer to all of these I would say, yes (read more on this topic here)

Also in the news: Morgan Spurlock featured ABT dancer Misty Copeland in his documentary, ‘A day in the life’ and Stephen Colbert helped promote David Hallberg, also of ABT, and his new working-relationship with the ever-exclusive Bolshoi Ballet of Russia.( If anyone did not see Hallberg and Stephen on ‘the Colbert report’ look it up on youtube right away – and if you’d like more info and opinions on Misty and her appearance in ‘A day in the life’ click here ) It seems that it was a good year for American Ballet Theatre where publicity is concerned. They must have quite the accomplished marketing director. Just wait til I leak this video…..

On that note, I leave you with this video; brought to you by the marketing team of ABT and the deep and often-contaminated well that is my brain….jess and the dancers of ABT: David, Sarah, Misty, and Marcelo Gomez for no particular reason except for that brooding stare.

We filmed this out in the Adirondack Mountains in Upper New York, and I was none-too-thrilled about it (as you can see from my expression). Misty put away a lot of eggnog and she lived up to the misty part of her name- misty-eyed that is.  She’s one of those crying drunkards and spent half the night wailing  ‘I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SNOW QUEEN! wahhhh!’ Marcelo clearly saves his coordination for the stage, that moron kept running into and breaking everything. Sarah is pretty much your average type A perfectionist ballerina anal model,  great to have at a party where you can’t afford a maid. David barely spoke or smiled the whole evening. I’m pretty sure that he’s a serial killer. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been replacing his original body parts with those of his victims should they be well-suited for ballet, and that’s probably how he comes to have the ideal dancer’s body.

Keep rockin’ in 2012!

5 thoughts on “David Hallberg, serial killer

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