The Illustrated Life

I need a new sketchbook.

The last few pages of the one I must sadly retire (like a Derby racehorse with a broken leg) were mostly filled with ideas for the Christmas Joke Card I was asked to create featuring Santa, a manger scene, and Elvis. I tried out a number of styles; pencil sketch, silhouette, and cartoon.


Then I got distracted and tried to draw my cat, but she kept moving, so instead I present ‘Whitney Houston Crack-is-Whack’ Cat.  A few loitering minutes later, my lazy lady fell asleep and I was better able to capture her cuteness sans crazy-eye..







I sadly didn’t keep a copy of the finished illustration or printed image. So this is the final thing from my sketchbook. I was inspired by the book ‘The Illustrated Life’ – by Danny Gregory.

Wine Thoughts- More than half full…

Time to put this down, and other bad habits.

Bad habits like truly horrible sketches. Owell, nondestructive pleasure are probably harmless, to all but the readers here. Please accept my apology.

4 thoughts on “The Illustrated Life

  1. They do! It’s actually a pretty cool word – évanouissment (eh-vahn-wees-mahn). It comes from “to faint” or be unconscious. And if I gave you a French name I think I would call you Margaux (Margot). It means pearl 🙂

  2. Sounds like ‘evanescent’- fleeting, vanishing. Language is so amazing. I like your misnomer for me, though my birthstone is indeed a pearl (even if I am more of a clam). My French is limited, but I would call you Madam Pantalon Intelligent!

  3. I didn’t know that- I find this news boths delightful and terrifying. Please don’t send any to your far-superior artist relatives. I can just imagine your son’s reaction,… ‘what hack created this?’ I will say that I wish that Santa had prayed and Elvis sang at my birth. Lucky Jesus.

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