Trash the Dress; Save the Press

A few months ago, a fellow teacher was asking me about my writing and flat-out said she didn’t think it counted for anything unless it was in print. How very polite.

Well read it and weep, rude lady! My first article is out in the January issue of Alive. Hooray, that’s one to save for the portfolio. A real by-line!

It is the ‘Get Involved’ piece that details charity organizations that help either produce a wedding in Missouri  or use a wedding as an opportunity to serve other deserving charities.

It was really humbling to write, and such a reminder of what wonderful things people in our community are doing. I hope the piece serves as a call to action; it shows easy ways to donate goods and dresses and services to these causes. I myself signed up as a choreographer should any coupe decide they want a little something special for their first dance.

Back it up! All those distant relatives want to see you get nasty on the dance floor!

I even tried to stomach my usual tone of sarcasm, not an easy pill to swallow- which went down like something heart-burn inducing and in true backwardsville-sense the pepto to my perspective was writing about cake. You know what Mary Poppins snarky sister Myrtle Poppins says, ‘A spoonful of sugar makes the grumpy hag of a writer shrivel up and bake a puff piece…with substance. Like a pound cake”. And when even the pressure to write something inspiring to serve these great causes fails, there is always word count, which in print counts like all the calories of said pound cake.

Also in keeping with wedding themes, enjoy these pictures that I did for a photo shoot in the popular ‘Trash The Dress’ theme (Wedding dresses basically being destroyed in unusual places- oh yay, just what I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl- traipsing around in a dress with huge padded boobs and my dead pointe shoes through crunchy leaves and abandoned railway cars in the woods of New Jersey) These are some of my favorites. Photos by Tom Byrne

I intend to have exactly this facial expression should I ever have real wedding photos taken.

Enjoy the link to read and check out a copy of January’s issue to see it in its full glory. Enjoy the verbal pound cake; may my words clog your figurative arteries and  stop your hearts like so many cups of warm melted butter. I’ll toast to that!

2 thoughts on “Trash the Dress; Save the Press

  1. Whoa, those pictures are crazy! They are beautiful, but I DO NOT want you to have exactly that facial expression should (??) you ever had real wedding photos taken.

    This blog is great; I look forward to future postings and future pictures!

    BTW….this came up when I GOOGLED MYSELF. Huh???

    Love ya Jess!

    Doug Ruhlin

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