Life in Moving Pictures

Snap to It! (found via: paranoidepiphanies )

Whether you use the weekend to catch up on work, to relax, or get out and about, I hope it was a good one!

Peek-a-boo! (found via- redheadsandfreckles


 As for me, I caught up on my bear-training (he’s almost ready for the circus!) and learned how to make GIPs- or moving photographs. If you like any of these, check out From Me To You (I especially love the Travel ones).

I also: taught some dance classes, took some dance classes,

had an interesting conversation with a fellow writer over coffee with an ENTIRE gingerbread house (ok, maybe more of a gingerbread trailer)

saw the film ‘Shame’, (prudes be warned!)

Twilight has nothing on us

caught up on some reading, boxed up some things that I’m sending out for some friends upcoming birthdays (I love giving presents! ..and getting them)  and saw the incredible Brian Brooks Moving Company.

They had perhaps the most challenging and strenuous dance sequence I’ve ever seen and most fascinating lighting and stage design. I also was able to stay for a Q and A session with the director, lighting and set designer, and dancers post-show. Want to hear about it? Check back tomorrow!

What did you do this weekend?

Please leave a comment, subscribe, or ‘like’ the post– and as always, keep ‘liking’ life!

One thought on “Life in Moving Pictures

  1. Hiya: thanks for using the time of producing up this important information. I at all times make an effort to more my understanding of stuff. Regardless if I concur or disagree, I like advice. I don’t forget the old days if the only supply of details was the library or the newspaper. They both appear to be so archaic. : )

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