Leopard Kitten

Is it Stephen Colbert that does the ‘Moment of Zen’ at the end of his segment, or John Stewart? I can  never keep them straight.

Anyways, I copy them (Stephon Stebert , or Jophen Colwart)  and bring you this hybrid:

Moment of Zen in the palm of your hand:

found via Matchbook Magazine…or Dr. Doolittle

I’ll take twenty please. And then a tanner and a seamstress. Leopard kitten is so IN this season.

I have to dash off to teach, but I HAVE to tell you about my interview with the Director of Dance St. Louis when I’m finished. (as well as share my critique of the Brian Brooks Moving Company)

Don’t forget to take the survey under the ‘pass the test’ post. Hope you enjoyed this tiny moment of bliss- now make a cheetah and sprint off to the next thing. If only I could combine the speed of a cheetah or ostrich (fastest land animals) with the endurance of a camel. I’d be invincible. Somehow I think the hump would scare my young students though. The spitting…they’re probably used to.

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