Spot On- with an indecent Proposal

There is a festival coming up in St. Louis in April that focuses on art and it’s placement in community and contribution to¬†society– which is exactly the target of the grad school program that I applied for! How perfect!

I was asked by the organization hosting the event to submit a proposal to participate as a dancer or choreographer. I finished my proposal today, so I’ll let you know if it was accepted or not. I’m hoping to perform a section of a larger work of choreography. Look at me getting back in the game and feeling creative again. It’s good to be back ūüôā

Moving on. If you know me, you probably know that there are soooo many reasons why I wish I lived in London:

Covent¬†Garden and the Royal Ballet/ Hometown of homeboys Harry Potter…and Prince Harry/ Ricky Gervais/ Paleness is acceptable/ Nigella Lawson/ The fabulous phraseology: “Pop over to the fish and chip shop!” ¬†“That’s mental!” Jolly good!”

More than any other reason for my desire to cross the pond is my adoration of choreographer Matthew Bourne¬†and his dance/performance company ‘Adventures in Motion Pictures’. This is my dream company to dance for and will likely never happen because a) I’m not good enough b) I dont¬†have a green card Oh bugger!

Bourne is the visionary behind the male Swan Lake, Edward Scissorhands, Lord of the Flies, Dorian Gray, and many more. I’ve seen Edward Scissorhands, and yes, he does¬† lifts and all with the hedge-trimmers for¬†fingers surrounded¬†by a coprs¬†de ballet of dancers dressed as hedges. It’s Jolly good!¬† I think my favorite was the ‘Ice Dance’– section. . I fancy that!

The Company is celebrating 25 years¬†since its first performance. Coming this year is the World Premiere of Bourne’s reimagined ‘Sleeping Beauty’, completing the trio of Ballet masterworks set to Tchaikovsky scores (Swan Lake and Nutcracker are the other two).

Also this season, if you’re in the UK, consider yourself lucky because Bourne is touring to give lectures and interviews¬†on his carreer and narrative through dance with arts writer, Alistair Spalding. If I can’t have my dream occupation of being one of Bourne’s dancers, I want this guy’s job. And his name. Get more info here. Wicked! (I just sound like I’m from Boston, don’t I?

I’ve said, it’s good to be back, and that means in the studio as a teacher, choreographer, and as a dancer. I’m biting the bullet and going back to ballet tomorrow. Ballet, as the thing I love and cherish most, is somehow the hardest for me to accept as a process, an enjoyable experience. It is a precious and beautiful thing to me, and if I do it badly I just feel like I’m slapping it in its fragile, lovely face.¬† Bloody Hell Harry!

You know that current trend of photographing fashion models in strange settings, like in front of grafitti or in abandoned lots? I think the whole idea of that is ‘the beauty in the chaos’, making the model stand out more against a questionably ‘ugly’ backdrop. I often feel like the opposite in a ballet class, and that I stick out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons. I have to get over this ‘ugly girl at the party’ syndrome that I experience full force in ballet.¬† Merlin’s Pants Jessica!

I’ve been told by so many friends who have stopped dancing that they feel happier, more fulfilled, more peaceful having stepped away from dance. I am so glad for them. But that’s not me. I just miss it. I hate the stress, the soreness, the pressure, the stigmas, everything….but I think this is what I’m meant to do. A leopard can’t change its spots. I’ve tried walking away enough times and found myself desperately wanting to go back that I think I just need to make sure that I’m going back to the right place. I’m not slagging anyone off, but I’m not taking rubbish classes!

I’m taking class tomorrow with a teacher I first met when I was fifteen and returned in the middle of the year to St. Louis from Interlochen. She was teaching at Webster University¬†and I luckily was allowed to take class. So I know I’m in very very good hands, both professionally and personally. I’ve also taken summer workshops from her. She was the first to introduce me to the choreography of Ulysses Dove, for which I will be forever in her debt (see a sample here) and for telling me when I was 19 years old after watching me improvise ‘You’re going to be a choreographer one day’. I have never forgotten that and never stopped feeling encouraged by it. And if this proposal goes through, I’ll be proving her right. Get it sorted!

So anyways, while we’re on the subject of introduction to art, and¬†all things jolly good¬†check out these amazing pieces by Caroline Wright– from her Drip and the Line¬†series. I need something beautiful in my head as I face ballet. Plus, they are probably a good representation of my melting soul as I do a disservice to dance. But I refuse to cry about it, last thursday’s meltdown was enough! So here’s a proposal to myself

Dear Jess, will you please consider not being a big baby if/ when things don’t go so well tomorrow?”

I jolly well will!’

Spot on, Miss Ruhlin. As are these.

Counterpoint of Days




Night Lights

¬†Coming this week: A mock Review from a Chippendale¬†Dancer and from Jess’ laptop, a guest post from Brittain, point shoe tips, the inside scoop on my interview with Mr. Dance St. Luis, survey feedback and guesses of who said what, and¬† ideas, rants, and pictures I’m excited to share.¬† Happy start of a new week- I think it’s going to be a good one. Well,¬† I’m knackered so cheerio my cheeky mates!

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