Shit Dance Teachers Say

Heading off to the studio; It’s a lovely bright day outside and will be after 9 o’clock by the time I’m done.

Today on the teaching roster: 2 jazz classes, a modern class, and Hip Tots. Yes, even more hilarious than the notion of me taking hip hop is the idea of me teaching it to toddlers. It’s more working on social skills, developing motor skills, listening to music, rhythym…that kind of thing. I mean these are 3 to 5 year olds. Don’t you just love the idea of grumpy old me teaching three-year olds to duggie? Just call me Gangstarina Jess. I’m also taking advanced modern- which is Horton style and wonderful. Saving the best for last (though I really like teaching my modern girls as well)

I wonder how many times I’m going to stay ‘Stretch your knees!” or “shoulders down!” today? I will try to keep tabs on what I say the most. It will probably be, ‘hold it!’ with holding extended legs in the air, balancing in retire (NOT passe! pet peeve) or maintaining the Horton flat-back stance in my modern class, as well as relating to the kids that yell ‘I have to pee/poop’ in hip tots. Hip indeed. I bet Kanye never stops a concert in the middle for that. Though you never know with him.

Maybe I should make a ‘Sh^t Dance Teachers Say Video.

Please enjoy this video I stumbled across- I am inspired by the patience of the clerk, and reminded that I will laugh at anything, no matter how many times it’s said, as long as it it two things: annoying and said in a funny accent.

I wonder if I said my corrections in a Borat voice to my students, if they’d be more likely to listen or to laugh. Great Jess, now I’m  going to have Borat’s voice yelling corrections in my head when I’m dancing.

 “Wow-wow-wee-wow, very  nice!”

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