Pointe shoe tips

The week of London obsession continues, as I had a run-in in class yesterday with a girl I took a workshop with in 2006 who is apparently now all-over-the-world but has most recently been dancing in..you guessed it, the Big City, The Big Smoke, London. (Lucky!)

London Calling! (Or my Dad in a phone booth booking theatre tickets in London- 2005 family trip)

If I were hosting a dinner party, it would definitely be London themed; I would have busboys dressed as the Queen’s guard, I would serve the classic fish and chips and mushy peas, and party favors would include fake sets of bad teeth and free healthcare. I would wear something like this (coupled with the crown jewels of course):

Red pants, gauzy blouse, faux fur cropped jacket, and fedora…don’t mind if I do!

Pinstripes and Plaid, and a graphic bag

Rounding out the guest list, I would invite Sir Ian McKellan, Richard Armitage , Eddie Redmayne, Victoria Beckham, and Wayne McGregor– artistic Director of ‘Wayne McGregor Random Dance’ housed at Sadler Wells, resident choreographer of The Royal Ballet, and if it can’t get more impressive movement director for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (I guess he taught my darling Daniel Radcliffe how to waltz- dream job!)

Welcome to my house party! Correction, Welcome to my Flat Party!

Also he looks like a fab dinner guest- I’m a little obsessed with this show- CELEBRITY COME DINE WITH ME5 people host a dinner party and then are rated by their guests on a scale of 1 to 10 and the highest ranking gets a cash prize. I’m pretty sure my London-themed party would win.  (If you have a few minutes to spare, check it out. I think these people are hilarious. “She got me drunk so I’d eat anything…coulda been a pot noodle! Come on!” )

Finally, since I’m not hosting any dinner parties in the near future, here’s a blog party I’m hosting. I was contacted by the incredible Move Dancewear Company, one of the biggest dance retailers in Europe selling dancewear ranging from dance shoes that cover all types of dance and dancewear for ballet, ballroom, salsa, tap, character, street and jazz dance, to share an article on their behalf. They sent me the following article and link to their site.

If I were rating them on COME BLOG WITH ME I would have to rate them a 9- I took out their pointe shoe picture because the model had biscuit feet. So I put in one of my own pictures. Enjoy looking at my shapely ankles. Hey, we all have our fetishes. Silly TV shows, Far-off countries, and a nice shapely arch include some of mine ( I guess there’s a LITTLE St. Louis love in me- somewhere in my Sole…and you thought I couldn’t get worse than all the ‘counting’ puns from yesterday. I never cease to amaze, I know)

Top 5 Tips to Make Pointe Shoes last

Dancing is a popular career and hobby taken up by many people in all parts of the world. One of the most popular dances is the ancient dance known as ballet. It is an enjoyable dance that incorporates different skills. If you want to succeed in this dance it is important to wear the right dance wear and the appropriate shoes.

The pointe shoes are the most recent development in the range of ballet shoes. These shoes are specially designed to make the feet of the dancer more comfortable when on stage. They are ideal for dancers who wish to specialize on dancing using the tips of the toes. Dancers who use them can dance in this way for a longer time. They also help dancers to improve their dancing and to appear weightless and also sylph-like.
The quality of pointe shoes varies depending on the manufacturer and materials used. There are various tips on how to make the pointe shoes last longer.

 Keep them dry

Firstly, they should be kept dry as much as possible. Even though the dancer cannot prevent sweating during performances the shoes should be kept in a position that allows them to dry once the performance is over. This is done to prevent the sweat from breaking down the toe box.

Avoid dance bags

In addition, one should avoid keeping these shoes in the dance bag. This allows them to lose any moisture in them more quickly. Removing them from the bag also allows them to have enough aeration to get rid of the odour of sweat. It is thus advisable to put them in a drying rack instead of keeping them in the bag


It is also important to rotate these shoes. This means that the dancer should have more than one pair of shoes. Interchanging the shoes gives them time to dry and time to rest. This prevents overuse of one pair of shoes and tremendously reduces the tear and wear.


Shoe hardener
Applying a shoe hardener, especially the pointe shoe hardener, is also advisable. The hardener is applied inside and outside the toe box. Doing this greatly reduces the time required to dry the shoes and also makes them more durable.

Take good care

Pointe shoes can be quite fragile and it is thus important to take good care of them. This can be done by ensuring that they are always in a good condition. This calls for proper cleaning, drying and proper storage at all times.

– Cheers for that, Move Dancewear!

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